How to play the discount game

Terry has Foxtel and he has just learnt how to play the discount game.

“You ring and tell them you want ‘out’ and then you sit back and wait for the discounted rates to jump in.

“I jumped out the other day and took six calls over the next 24 hours from Foxtel trying to talk me into some special deal.”

Terry was paying over $100 a month. Now it’s under $90 and he’s getting the same channels.

Just proves that it’s a competitive market.


Robert travels by train one day a week and he never ceases to be surprised.

“Last week there was a lady chewing on a cob of corn. You don’t see that every day on a train.

“A few weeks ago, a young boy said to me, ‘G’day fish-face’. I wasn’t sure he was talking to me, but then he said it again. After that, he got off the train.

“He was about 14. I should have put him over my knee.”


Who remembers the Peters’ slogan? ‘The health food of a nation’.

How did they ever get away with claiming that ice cream was healthy?

Joan asks this question after seeing an old Peters sign in an antique shop in Tyabb last weekend.

She probably remembers the old days of cigarette advertising. Camel, for example, used to claim ‘Not a single case of throat irritation’.

And Kent: ‘More scientists and educators smoke Kent’. Camel also suggested that: ‘More doctors smoke Camel’ while Viceroys claimed: ‘As a dentist, I recommend  Viceroys’.

And Lucky Strike said: ‘Luckies are less irritating’, which was probably true because dead people suffer no irritation.


Are we still creating jokes?

Phil asks this after not hearing a new joke for years.

“Maybe I don’t get out enough, but most of the jokes I’m hearing are old ones. Or perhaps they’re on Facebook or social media and I’m missing them.”


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