Is there a better way to change your doona cover?

How do you change your doona cover?

Are you a stuffer or a roller, or, like my son, half goes in and the other half hangs out because god forbid you spend two minutes doing some buttons up.

Bedding is a personal matter and our preferences often draw a strong reaction.

I have always used the stuffing method. Grab the two top corners of the doona, push them into the cover, then grab them outside the doona cover and shake the rest into place.

It’s not dignified, there’s lots of fluffing and huffing and quite often I have to delve into the cover to straighten bits out, but it gets the job done.

However, I recognise there are some better ways.

Reverse it

You can do what I do as above, or switch it up a bit.

Grab the two top corners of your doona, then grab the two top corners of your inside-out doona cover. Flip them both over and shake it out. It’s simple and effective.

There might be a bit of waving them about to get everything settled, but as a task it should take less than two minutes.

I might change the habits of a lifetime and adopt this method.

Roll with it

If lifting and shaking are all a bit hard – sometimes physical injuries or limitations may mean you can’t pick your doona up and shake it enthusiastically, or even unenthusiastically – there is the roll method.

First, lay your inside-out doona flat on the bed with the opening at the foot of your bed

Next, lay your doona on top with the corners matching the cover corners.

Now the tricky bit.

From the top of the bed, start rolling both up together towards the foot of the bed in a straight line.

When you get to the end of the bed, flip over one end of the cover to cover the entire end of the doona and do the same with the other side and then the middle, then simply unroll the whole thing back up to the top of your bed.

I get that sounds confusing, watch this YouTube video and all shall become clear.  

Since I can’t even manage folding fitted sheets, I’ll just stick to the poking and shaking method.


This one has the potential to be fun, but is not terribly efficient because it requires two people.

The first person drapes the inside-out doona cover over them, hence the ghost title, grabbing the top corners and raising their arms. Someone then hands them the doona top corners and the person inside flips the cover over the doona.

By turning this into a joke, I can see this working for young children who need to be encouraged to take on responsibility for their rooms. That and dorks who like to have fun.

How do you replace your doona cover? Why not let us know about your tips in the comments section below?

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Jan Fisher
Jan Fisher
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  1. I turn the doona cover inside out, reach inside and grab the top corners of the doona with the top of the cover, then simply shake the doona and cover, until the doona cover is right side out and the doona is inside. Simply do up the buttons (or clips) at the bottom and put on my bed…easy and quick.

  2. The rest of it. Don’t know what happened there. I didn’t press enter,
    So, the doona cover is laid on the bed.
    Fold the doona in half, by it’s whole length. Insert the doona into the cover against left or right side, bear in mind you are going to open it out.
    Alternate pudhing the doona in with pulling the cover down.
    When to corners meet up it’s time to open out the doona all the way to the bottom. Gather the top corners together and give a good shake. Grab the bottom, or open end corners, and shake again. It’s fairly easy but you might have to climb inside the cover.
    Easiest of all.
    Lay doona on bed over top of sheets.
    Lay doona cover on top and adjust side drops to even out.
    The doona and cover will absorb body moisture and will need fairly frequent washing. The easy methos is much preferred.
    A thought. I could never understand why someone didn’t make a cover with 3 sided opening. Would be so easy to put the cover on.

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