Is this the best neck pillow ever?

While most of us are grateful for the opportunity to travel, there’s no doubting it can be tiring. Whether you catch a plane, train, bus, boat, or just jump in the car, the long hours in transit often leave you feeling weary and worse for wear. 

This makes comfort and, provided your not driving at the time, rest, two of the most crucial aspects of travel. The later obviously comes with its own set of challenges, as anyone who’s ever tried to sleep sitting up will know all too well.

While neck pillows try ease this problem, they come with their fair share of issues, often deflating mid sleep or proving to be a pain in the backside for the entire trip.

Thankfully the neck pillow has finally had a well overdue makeover. Joining forces with the humble, yet oh so comfortable, hoodie, is this the future of neck pillows? Created by Chicago-bred brothers, Josh and Ryne Woodle, the Hypnos Hoodie has a hidden, inflatable, ergonomic neck pillow.

Tested on countless flights, the inflatable pillow inserts are designed be removed before the hoodie is washed and are intended to last a lifetime – if you don’t wear the hoodie out before then! With different styles of hoodies available, prices start at the US $89 mark. And should your pillow somehow disappear off on a journey of its own, the company also offers replacement inflatable inserts for $5.

Still currently in the crowd-funding phase, the aim is to raise $30,000 via a Kickstarter campaign.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think of this unique new clothing concept. Would you ditch your old neck pillow in favour of an integrated and more discreet option?

Just think of being able to stroll through an airport without a daggy pillow dangling behind you. We’re certainly sold.

RRP: from US $89 plus shipping from Shop Hypnos.

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A regular travel contributor to YLC, SJ’s travel low point was buying a Beijing guidebook for her visit to Thailand in 2007. Thankfully her geography has improved since then.

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