Michelle Bridges has a new baby – who cares?

Fitness and diet guru Michelle Bridges and her partner Commando have reportedly welcomed a baby girl – well, bully for them. Note I use the word ‘reportedly’ as the couple are keeping quiet about the birth, possibly because of a magazine deal with Who.

I mean seriously, who (no pun intended) would buy a magazine based on some C-list celebrity baby photos? If it is indeed the case that she has sold the picture rights, then Ms Bridges is seriously deluded about her appeal as a cover story.

Of course, she’s not the only celebrity to use the ‘much longed for and treasured’ baby to score some cash. Just two weeks ago ex-Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke and his wife Kyly were forced to deny rumours that they had failed to secure $250,000 for photos of their daughter, Kelsey, thus no one has yet to set eyes on the bub.

However, at least Michael Clarke captained his country at its national sport so, while $250,000 is a bit rich, at least there’s a justified modicum of interest in little baby Clarke.  All Ms Bridges has done is make overweight people feel bad, and left her husband to shack up with her co-star and father-of-three Commando.

So to Michelle and Commando, congratulations on the birth of your child, it truly is a miracle that many couples experience, without much fanfare and often with a great deal more difficulty. Not for them the riches of a magazine deal, but the simple joy of becoming a parent.

All I can say is thank goodness she never had it on Christmas Day – then we really would never hear the end of it!

Written by Debbie McTaggart

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