What you googled in 2015

These top Google searches and trends give us an overview of the year and the events that shocked us or left us in awe. The lists below have also revealed that Australian’s are very, very interested in pancakes compared to the rest of the world. If you were one of the many people to search for pancake recipes in the last year, why not dive into one of our delicious recipes for berry or hazelnut pancakes?

Trending searches:

1 Netflix

2 Rugby World Cup

3 Lamar Odom

4 Ronda Rousey

5 Asian Cup

6 Jarryd Hayne

7 Jurassic World

8 Paris

9 Cricket World Cup

10 Agario


Trending news items of 2015

1 Paris

2 Bali 9

3 Hepatitis A

4 Cyclone Marcia

5 Charlie Hebdo

6 Greece

7 Pluto

8 Nepal Earthquake

9 Royal Baby

10 Mick Fanning Shark Attack


Trending Aussies

1 Jarryd Hayne

2 Malcolm Turnbull

3 Ivan Milat

4 Phil Walsh

5 Peter Allen

6 Ruby Rose

7 Gina Rinehart

8 Sia

9 Richie Benaud

10 Mick Fanning


Trending global people

1 Caitlyn Jenner

2 Paul Walker

3 Charlie Sheen

4 Jeremy Clarkson

5 Natalia Kills

6 Jonah Lomu

7 Chris Kyle

8 Lenny Kravitz

9 Christopher Lee

10 Bobbi Kristina


Most searched how to?

1 Tie a tie

2 Make pancakes

3 Screenshot on Mac

4 Make a paper plane

5 Write a cover letter

6 Draw

7 Get rid of pimples

8 Poach an egg

9 Lose weight fast

10 Make money


Most searched recipes

1 Pancake recipe

2 Slow cooker recipe

3 Chicken recipes

4 Thermomix recipes

5 Lasagna recipe

6 Chocolate cake recipe

7 Quiche recipe

8 Paleo recipe

9 Pizza dough recipe

10 Banana bread recipe

See more lists on Google’s website and compare trending searches worldwide or you can view the top 10 Google searches for 2014.

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