Most visited countries in the world

The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) has complied the top five most visited countries in the world and how many visitors they get each year.

Read below to see where your next holiday should be!


Attracting more than 84.5 million visitors each year, France tops the list as the most visited country. With access to heritage sites, delicious foods and beautiful coasts, it is no surprise that the nation that hosts the city of love comes out first.


United States of America
The US has 77.5 million visitors annually. With 50 diverse and quirky states to choose from, visitors are never let down when it comes to new and broad experiences of food, sport and entertainment in one of the planet’s most developed destinations.


Who wouldn’t want to travel to sunshine in stunning locations like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Malaga to immerse themselves in the rich history, art, food and drink culture, from the beach to the city? Each year Spain sees nearly 70 million tourists flock to its shores to soak up some relaxation in the sun.


As the largest Asian country in the world, China receives 56.9 million tourists yearly. Features in architecture, breath-taking nature and exotic foods, as well as an extremely diverse culture, make China a bucket list favourite.


The home of some of the most picturesque cities in Europe, Italy welcomes 50.9 million tourists every year to explore the abundance of art, museums, cathedrals and most importantly, food. From Milan to Florence, Venice or Rome, this nation holds a rich culture just waiting to be sampled.


Have you been to any of these countries? Which was your favourite?


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