Not that dream again!

Do you have any recurring dreams?

Pat does. She’s trying to dial a number on one of those old phones we used to have in our homes before we all got mobiles.

“I put my finger in the hole but all sorts of things go wrong and I simply can’t dial the number.

“I’ve discovered that I get this dream whenever I need to wake up early for something, like getting to the airport or having to be somewhere. “

Des has a recurring golf dream.

“I’m teeing off from inside a room and I have to hit the ball through a small window. Everyone else does it easily, but I can’t do it. “

Edie says: “I’m on a squash court but most of the court is full of furniture and I can’t hit the ball.”

Ben’s is worse: “I’m on a railway track and a train is coming, but I can only move in super-slow motion. It’s agonising. My wife calls it my ‘frustration dream’. Is there such a thing?”

Well, we did some ‘extensive’ research, and five minutes later discovered that there is definitely such a thing as a frustration dream.

A sleep expert says: “Dreams of frustration are almost always direct references to your daily life. You may be having problems coping with certain things and your frustration in that area manifests itself in your dreams. It is important to analyse the other dream symbols that are present in your dream so you can accurately find out exactly what you are frustrated about, so that you can deal with it and clear the air. Holding on to frustration is not healthy.”

Happy analysing.


So many memories

Debra has been clearing out boxes of things she stored in the roof of her home because of space issues and which she hasn’t opened for more than a decade. Most of the kids had left home and the annual hard rubbish collection was coming up so she decided it was time.

She found bags full of soft toys, boxes of the kids’ primary school books, sporting medals and trophies, lego, building blocks and dress-up clothes.

Did she throw any of it out?

No. She dusted things off, enjoyed the memories, then put everything back in the roof. 

“I wanted to throw it out but I couldn’t. Can you ask your readers how they did it and whether they regret doing so, because that’s my fear?”


Scary tradition

It’s Halloween in a few days and Kevin got in early with his view on the very American tradition – partly because his wife has a different attitude and had bought a ‘witch’ from her local Spotlight store to hang on the front door. “Whoever thought that allowing kids to wander the neighbourhood asking for lollies was a good idea?” he asked.

You may agree, you may not.


Weighty decision

It’s moving quickly towards Christmas and New Year and once again you’ll be asked for a New Year’s resolution.

Our bet is that most of you will make a resolution related to losing weight, and if this includes you, have you given some thought to which diet you might follow?

We only ask this because Olive, who is in her 70s, was trying to recall all the diets she had heard of. It was quite a list: Atkins, vegetarian, vegan, Pritikin, paleo, pescetarian, low-carb, low-fat, low-protein, low-calorie high-protein, gluten free, five and two, and even a liquid diet.

“I haven’t tried many of these,” says Olive, “and the ones I have tried have only been for a week or two and then I fall off the wagon.”

And doesn’t that sound like most of our New Year’s resolutions? Have you ever managed to make one stick until, let’s say, February?


Law of the Jungles

Maurie says he met a bloke the other day whose nickname was ‘Jungles’. He asked somebody why.

“Because he’s dense” came the quick reply.

There’s a bloke in Lancefield they call ‘Puddles’. His surname isLake.

And Rob works with a chap he calls ‘West Coast’.

“It’s driving him mad because I haven’t told him why, but it’s because he’s two hours slower than everybody else.


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