Quiz: Discover your barbecue personality

During December 2018, leading barbecue retailer BBQ Spit Rotisseries, conducted the Great Aussie BBQ survey to gain an insight into the habits of Australians who barbecue at least once a month. Close to 2457 Aussies participated in the survey answering a total of 30 questions about their barbecuing habits and preferences.

The results showed that more than 50 per cent of respondents owned three or more barbecues, with 20 per cent owning five or more. It was no surprise given the steady rise in popularity of ‘American style’ barbecuing that 53 per cent of respondents preferred smoking or a low and slow style of barbecuing whereas 22 per cent still enjoyed the traditional grill method.

Charcoal-fuelled barbecues are gaining immense popularity among consumers due to the distinct flavour they add to the food. Beef was found to be the preferred protein to throw on the barbie, followed by pork then lamb, and butchers are preferred over supermarkets for meat purchases.

But before you dig out the coal, marinate the vegie skewers, slice the halloumi and cobble together as many burgers and sausages as physically possible, what kind of person are you, once the barbecue tongs are in your hand?

Take our quiz to find out…