Restaurant with a 14-year waitlist

It may not be the world’s best-kept secret, but hidden inside Disneyland’s New Orleans Square is the uber-elite restaurant, Club 33.


And for any hardcore Disney fans out there, this may be the fantasy restaurant of their dreams. But don’t even bother trying to make a booking – it has a 14-year waitlist.


You’ll only get a table if you’re a member or if you’re invited by one. Sounds possible? No, membership is strictly limited and the wait time to even be considered is 14 years. Oh, and it evidently costs around US$25,000 ($31,000) to join plus US$12,000 in annual fees.

So, why is this club so darn exclusive?


When Walt Disney attended New York’s World Fair in 1964, he spent time approaching major corporations about collaborating on what would become hugely popular attractions at his theme park.


During his wining and dining, he was a guest at many VIP lounges. So, in 1967, when he invited his major sponsors to Disneyland, they were treated as guests in his newly created VIP lounge, Club 33.

While the address of the restaurant is 33 Royal Street, there’s a rumour that it was named after the 33 corporations that sponsored Disneyland attractions.


Some years they take new members, some years they don’t. Leave a number and they’ll call you. Yep, heard that one before!


Would you pay so much to eat at a Disney restaurant?


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