Weird loos – where’s your favourite?

We have loved your loo pics and cant believe something so silly has resulted in so many great photos. Here’s the final six we’ve received and remember, we love to receive all your photos, they’re a great inspiration.

Maryann shared this picture of the hand basin in the ladies loo at the Framingham winery at Blenheim in New Zealand. As Maryann says, “How often do you get to walk into a loo and think ‘Wow!’”?  


Sue hasn’t shared exactly where this loo is but we agree, it is scary and we’re not sure we would step in there either!


At least you’ll never feel alone in the toilet at Paladium in Prague – thanks Jan.



And we bet Richard was glad of the company in his loo in a deserted miners’ camp – “Phew… it was hot”, he says.


Merryl has shared this loo near where she lives in the Adelaide Hills along Paris Creek Rd Paris Creek. “Gives a whole new meaning to Lava-Tree/Lavatory”, says Merryl and it’s not function she assures us!


Here’s one that amused Jo when she went to the Football World Cup in Germany in 2006. An incentive to pee straight for the men!


It seems the pictures of our favourite loos made you smile and sparked some memories of conveniences you’ve encountered while you have been travelling. We’re glad you chose to share them with us and thought they were certainly worthy of a mention.

Carrying on the Rolling Stones theme, Helen sent us this picture of the male toilet in Barca Bar, Tynemouth, UK. We’re assuming she got someone else to take it.



Sherryn shared this photo of a very colourful loo in Kawakawa, New Zealand. Just imagine how long you could spend in there counting all the coloured tiles?



We hope this wasn’t John’s favourite toilet from his time spent in India. However, when needs must …



And it’s a much different story from another John, who has sent us a photo of what may be the most stunning view from a loo, in Mooloolaba, Queensland



Finally, our very own Kaye sent this from her current trip overseas, to Frankfurt, Germany. We’re not quite sure about the outside basin and would like to know what the red tape is for.


Do you have some photos of loos, or anything else that’s caught your eye on your travels? We’d love to share them with other members if you email them to us.



When Debbie saw this photo on her Facebook page, it made her laugh and then think of all the great loos around the world.

Most people just want their public conveniences to be clean, functional and if there’s hand soap and the dryer works, then that’s a bonus.

These three loos stand out in their design but would you use them?

Loo with a view – Basel, Switzerland

Who would have thought the Swiss would be so comfortable going to the loo while the world passes you by? We’re assured that this loo is indeed private when you’re outside looking in, but I’m not sure we’d give it a go?


Ladies luxury loo – Da Marino Italian restaurant, New York

Well, when you’re frequented by the rich and famous, you couldn’t really have a plain old boring white toilet could you? Opulent and ostentatious, just imaging the stars who have spent a penny here.

Rolling Stone Loo, Belushi’s Sport Bar, Paris


OK, the Donald Trump part is only photoshopped, but these great loos do exist. We think if anyone’s head was to be painted on the wall of a urinal, Donald Trump’s is as good as any.


So, have you visited any loos memorable for the right reason? We’d love to hear and if you want to send us a photo, we’ll add it here.


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