Who has the most valuable passport?

How many countries can an Aussie passport allow you to travel to without needing a visa? According to the Passport Index, when it comes to the most valuable passport in the world German citizens have hit the jackpot, while Aussies and Brits fall short.

The Passport Index ranked 93 passports around the world, taking into account how many countries that can be visited without having to apply for a visa. If you’re lucky enough to own a German or Swedish passport, you can gain entry to 157 out of 218 possible countries. UK (ranked 2nd) and US passport holders (ranked 4th) can get into 156 and 154 countries respectively, without a visa.

Meanwhile, Aussie passport holders (ranked 8th) can travel to 150 countries. New Zealanders (ranked 6th) are a tad ahead in the travel game, with their passport allowing them access to 152 countries.

And which countries allow citizens access to the least number of countries? Unfortunately, passport holders of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia are the least lucky when it comes to their passports.

Here are the top five most powerful passports in the world:

  1. Germany and Sweden – 157
  2. Finland, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain and UK – 156
  3. Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea and Norway – 155
  4. Singapore, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal and United States – 154 countries
  5. Greece, Ireland and Japan – 153 countries


Here are the five least powerful passports in the world:

89. Syria – 34 countries
90. Somalia – 32 countries
91. Iraq – 30 countries
92. Pakistan – 27 countries
93. Afghanistan – 24 countries


You can see the full list and more at Passport Index.

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