Winter Blanket Appeal

While some of the winter nights we’ve had recently set new records for winter lows, spare a thought for the one in every 200 people in Australia who sleep rough on the streets. For some it’s one-off but sadly for others it’s a way of life as, currently, there are over 105,000 people homeless in Australia, 56 per cent of whom are male and 44 per cent female. Sobering statistics.

While it’s never easy being homeless, during winter is particularly difficult and every little bit of charity and assistance that can be afforded to those in need is received with gratitude.

Of course, it’s not just the homeless who feel the cold during winter. Those who can’t afford to heat their homes, the mentally ill and disadvantaged are also at risk during the colder months.

Yet there are those who are doing something about it. Some of Australia’s oldest and most community-minded funeral directors are supporting Winter Blanket appeals, by collecting much needed blankets for those who need help to stay warm this winter.

Not only will your own donated blanket make a difference, but for every one donated, these funeral directors will match your generosity by donating one of their own. This will double the warmth created by your efforts.

And it’s not only blankets that are needed. Warm clothing is also welcome at some donation locations. So if you think you can do something to help those less fortunate this winter, why not take a look at what’s needed near you?

NSW – Blanket donation – Guardian Funerals

Vic – clothing not blankets – Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda 

SA – Blanket donation – Blackwell Funerals

WA – Blanket donation – Chipper Funerals 

WA – Blanket donation – Oakwood Funerals

Qld – Blanket donation – George Harnett Funerals, Brisbane

Qld – Blanket donation – Drysdale Funerals, Sunshine Coast

Qld – Blanket donation – Somerville Funerals, Gold Coast 

Qld – Blanket donation – City Funerals, Mackay

Qld – Blanket donation – Mackay Funerals, Mackay


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