Your tablet’s new travel partner

So it’s not an essential travel gadget but it’s still pretty damn clever and will make your life easier.

This one’s for anyone with an iPad. In a nutshell, the iBed is a beanbag for your iPad that lets you display your device and also provides you with a handy tray. Designed so you can use your iPad more easily in bed, on the couch, on a plane, bus or train – you get the picture.

Filled with microbeads to make sure it’s comfortable if you’re resting it on your lap, the tray features a slot where you place your tablet, you can then read or watch your device with your hands free for other more important tasks, such as eating and drinking. Speaking of which, the iBed also has a non-slip surface so you can place drinks and plates on it without worrying you’ll end up wearing their contents.

Equal parts functional and stylish, it’s the perfect partner for your tablet on your next trip, whether that involves leaving the house or not!

RRP: $21.47 plus shipping from IWOOT


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