$9000 Bunnings sausage sizzle

While we have to admire his ingenuity, a man from Sunbury in Victoria could be facing a $9000 fine, surely making his Bunnings sausage sizzle the most expensive snag ever!

The man posted a video online of him sending a drone from his house to the nearby Bunnings carpark to pick up a sausage, while he sat comfortably in his hot tub.

He attached some money and a note which read “Please buy snag and put in bag. Here’s $10” and sent the drone on the 2km journey to the hardware store carpark, where the weekend sausage sizzle was taking place. There, attendees dutifully fulfilled his request.

However, the man (who hasn’t been named but who some might call a local hero), could pay dearly for his laziness, since his actions broke the rules in line with his profession as a drone operator.

“Just launching a recreational drone out of your backyard, flying 2km or so across the suburbs, across a four lane road, across the Bunnings carpark and down to a sausage sizzle, is not thinking about the safety issues or planning for them,” said Peter Gibson from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

An investigation is underway by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority but the man is expected to cop a $9000 fine.

What do you think? Does the publishment fit the crime or should the man be made to repent in other ways – like working the Bunnings sausage sizzle grill for the rest of the year?

Check out the video for yourself!


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Written by Amelia Theodorakis

A writer and communications specialist with eight years’ in startups, SMEs, not-for-profits and corporates. Interests and expertise in gender studies, history, finance, banking, human interest, literature and poetry.

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