Donald trumps Hillary

Wednesday 9 November will go down as a momentous date in US politics and not for the reason we thought. While many expected America to have its first female President, it has instead a President Elect who has been mocked and despised the world over. 

From his winning of Ohio, at about 2.30pm AEST, it became apparent that the gig for Hillary Clinton was up. Despite romping home with the popular vote, there simply was little hope that she could win enough of the electoral collage votes to secure the Presidency. And while some may have expected a gloating Donald Trump to appear forthwith, for once the man seemed to sense the enormity of the privilege that was about to be bestowed on him. And when, just after 7pm AEST, he stepped on stage to announce that he had received a call from Mrs Clinton conceding defeat, he was, to his credit, solemn and respectful. Perhaps this is the dawning of a new Donald.

Both the man he will replace, Barack Obama, and the woman he has defeated have said they will stand behind him in making America great again. And perhaps this is the most significant victory of the election – a wake up call that systemic stripping of jobs and with them,  people’s dignity, has a more detrimental effect on a society than the fear of a misogynistic, racist, ex-bankrupt running the country and in charge of its economy.

Many believe that the businessman, who has amassed a personal fortune, will be able to apply his golden touch to a faltering economy that was once the envy of the entire western world. Some think that he is the antithesis of political correctness and while this may be abhorrent to many, there are those who believe that righteous indignation has gone too far. And perhaps for some the thought of voting for a woman who is perceived to have been underhand in her political dealings as Secretary of State was just too much to bear. Maybe we just have to accept that America has had its day in the sun and the power has shifted to the East.

Whatever the reason, Americans have voted in numbers rarely seen before at any election and, come January, Donald Trump, maverick business man, reality TV star and all-round loose cannon, will, as the 45th President of the United States of America, be handed the keys to the White House and the codes to nuclear weapons. There’s a sobering thought to mull over while having your morning coffee.

If you had been able to vote in the US election, who would you ahve supported? Do you think Donald Trump is to be feared as President? Or will he come into his own once he takes the reigns? What do you think the ramifications for Australia will be?


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