Government wooing age pensioners?

Age pensioners could be in line for pre-election sweeteners from the Government, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison considering one-off cash handouts “in an effort to make sure the entire electorate will have a reason to vote for the Coalition”, The Australian Financial Review is reporting.

It says the Government has asked senior advisers to develop two potential one-off payments, with the first being a single payment to age pensioners and the second for families. The thinking behind the plan is to assist those who will not benefit from personal income tax cuts the Coalition has legislated to be phased in over six years.

If the payments plan goes ahead, they could be delivered before May – the widely anticipated date for the federal election – and announced in the 2 April Budget.

“It is understood the Morrison Government began canvassing the new payments in December and early January,” says the AFR.

“Contacted for comment, the Government did not deny it was considering the potential measures.”

What is your view about a one-off pre-election payment to age pensioners?

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