One in three hit by travel mishaps

New travel insurance data shows that one in three Australians experience some type of travel disaster while on a holiday.

And you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s most likely an overseas trip that can take a turn for the worse. The one in three statistic is for domestic travel.

“Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, but there are lots of ways unforeseen circumstances can affect your travel plans within Australia. It doesn’t need to be an extreme weather event or a medical emergency for travel insurance to pay off,” Cover-More spokesperson Glenn Broadhurst.

“The truth is your flight can just as easily be delayed or cancelled when travelling domestically as they can overseas. We helped more than 5000 customers with their domestic claims last year and most of those were for flight cancellation and luggage loss or damage.”

Travel disasters such as cancelled flights, lost luggage, car rental collision costs and damaged valuables are common examples of what can go wrong on a holiday.

Then there are extreme weather events and medical emergencies that can change a short trip to Sydney from something fun to a financial fiasco.

Figures from travel insurance company, Cover-More Insurance, show flight and accommodation changes or cancellation costs were by far the most claimed benefit in 2016. In fact, they accounted for more than half of total domestic claims.

Lost luggage and travel documents came in second, just ahead of additional expenses (such as a broken iPhone) and rental car insurance excess.

Most common domestic insurance claims in 2016:

  • flight cancellation
  • luggage and personal effects
  • additional expenses
  • rental car insurance excess
  • travel delay
  • non-medical additional expenses
  • delayed luggage allowance
  • resumption of journey.


Travellers shy away from taking out domestic travel insurance policies because they associate them with more expensive international cover. Many don’t realise that the cost of health cover is not needed in domestic policies, because they are protected by their own health cover or Medicare.

Do you take out domestic travel insurance? Which is your preferred insurer?

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