Do you have to connect to NBN?

Gerry wants to know if he has to sign up for NBN or if there are other options available to him.


Q. Gerry
We are about to be connected to NBN and are wondering if we must do this. I have read articles about using a wireless connection instead. Is this possible and if so can you explain how it would work?

A. Unfortunately I can’t be of much assistance with this question as there are a lot of factors that will affect this decision, such as which type(s) of NBN are available and where you are located.

The wireless connection you are thinking about is likely what is referred to as ‘Mobile Broadband’.

This service works much like the internet on your smartphone or tablet, except multiple devices can connect to it.

Here are Telstra and Optus’ pages and plans for Mobile Broadband.

Telstra Mobile Broadband
Optus Mobile Broadband

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