Give your smartphone a second life

If you were lucky enough to score a smartphone upgrade recently, you may be wondering what to do with your old device.

If you haven’t yet old or traded it in, you might be surprised to learn that your old smartphone or tablet can be repurposed to become a useful gadget around the home. These devices are essentially small computers, meaning there’s plenty of work for them to do, even if they’re not activated or connected to data.

Here are some good ways to put your old smartphone or tablet to use.

1. Extra storage
Smartphone memory fills up quickly with music, songs and apps. Unless you go for a phone with a larger storage option, such as 64GB or 128GB, your phone is likely to run out of space. Hang onto your old smartphone or tablet and using it to store excess material.

2. Music player
Is your music library already full to capacity? Are you afraid of dropping your new phone when you’re on a walk? Try loading your smartphone up with music and using it as an MP3 player for those times when you might not want to take your new phone along.

3. Security camera
Security cameras can be expensive but if you have an old smartphone or tablet, you can make your own at home and discreetly keep tabs on what’s going on around your house.

4. Movies and TV streaming
Even without being activated, your smartphone or tablet can still be used for Netflix and Stan, along with music-streaming services. As long as it can connect to wifi, it can be used to access the internet, including browsing the web. Even if you can’t connect to wifi, it can still be used as an offline player by loading on movies and music.

5. Car GPS
Even if you don’t have a data connection, your smartphone or tablet can still be used as a navigational device – all it needs is GPS capabilities. Since most smartphones and devices made within the last five years have in-built GPS, yours should do the trick. You’ll just need to install the proper apps. TomTom and CoPilot offer good offline maps options (although you will encounter a download cost of approximately $30). Alternatively, Google Maps does the job for free.

6. Remote control
Did you know your old device can be turned into a universal remote control? Use it to control your TV or streaming services, such as Chromecast or Apple TV. Some smartphone models will have in-built infrared blasters (such as you’d find in a traditional TV remote), along with a remote app. But you can also download paid apps, such as Djiti and RedEye, which will work just the same.

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