Malcolm Turnbull’s 25-point plan contains 23 old measures

The PM announces a new 25-point battle plan that’s packed with old measures.

Malcolm Turnbull’s 25-point plan contains 23 old measures

The PM has presented his 25-point battle plan for the new Parliament to ponder. Only his plan contains 23 old measures that didn’t pass muster the first, second or even the third time round.

Some of the ‘new’ policy measures are up to three years old.

Federal MPs returned to Canberra yesterday, with the PM immediately trying to increase pressure on them to sign off on legislations which include a $6.5 billion omnibus savings bill, company tax cuts, three industrial relations bills and a change to media ownership laws that would see the abolition of the 75 per cent audience reach rule.

Over the coming days, Federal MPs will be sworn in, Coalition MPs will select a speaker, choose committee chairs and maybe find some time to discuss the ever-controversial superannuation reform package that so desperately needs addressing. After calling a double dissolution, this new Parliament is being touted as a kind of ‘reset’ for the Government.

However, this new 25-point plan, a plan that contains 23 Abbott-era measures, is even more evidence that Mr Turnbull’s second-term agenda is as flimsy as his first. Fairfax Media reported on the weekend, that even members of his own party are privately sniggering amongst themselves, making jokes about how difficult it would be to have the job of PM speech writer.

"It would be an exercise in writer's block," said one Liberal MP. "Can you imagine it? You'd get five minutes in and be back in his office. Is that all, Malcolm?"

Of the 25 measures, two are new: one involves Victoria’s Country Fire Authority dispute and the other is the omnibus savings plan. The remaining 23 have been hanging around the traps for quite some time.

The bill to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission has been around for almost three years. The registered organisation bill has been around for well over two years. The rest range in age from a few months to more than a year.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ridiculed the PM’s ‘battle plan’, calling it a “new political phenomena” and smartly emphasising the fact that there is no mention of the NBN, advanced manufacturing, local jobs, Medicare or climate change.

Many are blaming the PM’s lack of substance on the Coalition’s shell-shock over the close count in Election 2016. In the meantime, we can only hope to see some example of Mr Turnbull’s Government of ‘innovation’. But it seems he’s content to fight old battles …

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What do you think of the PM’s 25-point battle plan? How do you feel about Malcolm Turnbull now? Isn’t presenting the same old measures and expecting a different result the very definition of insanity?



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    30th Aug 2016
    It's not good for Australia to have such a gutless, progress-resistant government. What happened to Malcolm's bravery? The Libs aren't leading us anywhere except to possibly risk electing another ALP government at the next election. Almost forgot the worse alternative - a return of PM Tony Abbott, but that's truly unthinkable, isn't it?
    30th Aug 2016
    Poor old Malcolm is clinging to straws. Them man is highly controlled by the Party and its wealthy funding contributors and what we get is what these people demand. So it's more of the same.
    Blind Freddy could tell Turnbull that he can shove the same crap down the throats of people as long as he is in power but that does not mean the parliament has to accept matter how savage the finger shaking or how vicious the verbal attack.
    Get ready for the next election. Coming soon.
    30th Aug 2016
    His desperate actions also include his "bird dance" with flapping arms with elbows extended. Turnabout hasn't done ONE positive thing since he has been PM - useless as tits on a bull. He is nothing but a pawn (actually more of a prawn) to his wealthy big business mates and couldn't care any less about the average Joe or Josephine. I hope those in Senate who oppose him will make his political life hell, as he is trying to make that of retirees' lives!
    30th Aug 2016
    MT is a suaver, slightly more articulate TA - what's the point of him? If he hadn't challenged TA we'd now have a Labor administration, with lots of its own problems but surely a better government. MT seems to be merely implementing the agenda of his opponents in the coalition, and keeps contradicting himself: budget repair but a gratuitous $48b to the big end of town, innovation and agility but a severely compromised NBN - and the disregard of renewable energy is utterly scandalous, on economic grounds alone. He has no ideas, no creative plans, no authority amongst his colleagues, a terribly weak cabinet ... why does he persist? His ambition was to be PM, which he's achieved; an honourable retirement ought to be his next move. He's just not up to his present job.
    Old Geezer
    30th Aug 2016
    Time to let this government govern and pass these measures so that they can move on.
    30th Aug 2016
    why should these 23 OLD measures that have failed, some of them two or three times be now passed because they have been bundled with two actually quite unpopular new ones?
    They weren't good enough the first, second or even third time they were raised by the coalition, so why would they be now?
    The government can govern Old Geezer, but they should stop trying to hit us with old and unwanted policies and programs that are not in the best interest of all Australians.
    I am sure I heard during the election campaign how short the coalition was on new policy.... I think this absolutely proves it!
    30th Aug 2016
    Old Geezer, if these stupid measures were passed, there would be no moving on, just more of the same no matter what damage they do, so no, they should not be passed.
    30th Aug 2016
    What does proposing 23 old measures mean? No doubt some are bad others good.Just because they may have been mentioned before doesn't make them bad.Many in the previous senate voted purely on political reasons,not whats best for Australia.But they also voted against other proposals that were plain dumb,especially in the Abbott government.

    I would be happy to look at each proposal on its merits.
    Happily retired early
    30th Aug 2016
    Another three years of the same old same old Abbott years of nothing but waffle.
    Mean while the age of entitlement for M.P. perks and golden egg super continue while the rest of us are told we aren't paying enough tax.
    Wealthy born to to rule Liberal's that are in at the moment don't want us to forget that we peasants are to be seen and not heard!!
    31st Aug 2016
    Well Jobson Growth seems to have got the chop or not.
    31st Aug 2016
    Seeing Malcolm told Leigh Sales I had the courage to call a double dissolution election on this
    The bill to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission if that does not get through this time will Mr courage call another double dissolution, or come up with its all the rest who are at fault.
    31st Aug 2016
    Oh look at that face being King wasn't supposed to be like this I thought they all loved me.
    1st Sep 2016
    "Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ridiculed the PM’s ‘battle plan’, calling it a “new political phenomena” and smartly emphasising the fact that there is no mention of the NBN, advanced manufacturing, local jobs, Medicare or climate change."

    Really, did he ? Well I'm shocked to my jocks to say the least.

    Billy obviously hasn't heard that Sth Aust is seriously canvassing a nuclear industry - in all its many and various forms.
    Lots of money sloshing round, zillions earmarked for infrastructure, jobs abound, carbon abatement primed and everyone's guaranteed a warm & cosy environment no less.
    Talk about Atom and the ant. We should just let the 'Pied Pipers of Hamelin' - akka pollies - get on with playing their flute(s) and we damn rats content ourselves with tagging along. After all, WE have paid em to lead us , have we not ? Pity the kiddies when we fail to bolster (the pollies) ego's.

    What a rat-run we've made for ourselves, the one redeeming feature being at least we're all heading in the same direction - down the drain, along with the rest of the rats.
    Therefore it's reassuring to hear that the SA proposal will more than adequately address each and every one of Billy's brain snaps. It's enough to make one squeak in protest.
    2nd Sep 2016
    Just how seriously is SA canvassing a Nuclear industry MD?
    Currently they are getting a very big percentage of their power from the Wind, much to the chagrin of the conservative engineers in top jobs in the rest of the states, who vociferously argue the maximum is 20%, - oops, reality check, SA got up to 74% and will no doubt go higher, and very cheap power it was also.
    ex PS
    1st Sep 2016
    Has anyone heard the theory "The action of repeating the same experiment over and over again and expecting the result to change is the very definition of lunacy"?
    This is what this government is trying to do, they are trying to recycle tired old ideas hoping that the voters will get sick of hearing them whine about not getting co-operation from the opposition and inferring that their inability to negotiate with the opposition is other than their own fault.
    We were treated to an example of the governments negotiation skills within weeks of them forming government. Did they sit down with the opposition and say to them, here are a group of measures that we seem to agree on, how about we negotiate the details and pass them? Of course they didn't, they started the ball rolling by raving on ab out how they won the election and were going to force the opposition to accept a group of bills on the basis of campaign promises.
    It was almost as if it was a calculated move to force the opposition to dig their heals in, there was no incentive what so ever for the opposition to co-operate, in fact by co-operating they would have been seen as weak, exactly what the government was looking for.
    For the supreme beings sake, we haven't even got competent politicians in place let alone statesman/women.
    The so called major partys' have learnt nothing from the slap we gave them last election, they obviously need more of a good kick next time. And way things are going, the next time will not be far away.
    I would like to know who is doing the strategic planning for the LNP, it is obviously not MT, these faceless drones need to take responsibility for their incompetent management of government business.
    Not Senile Yet!
    1st Sep 2016
    Same Party Caucus......ruled by Right Wing Extremists.....calling the Shots!
    Tony Abbott Policies.....put up BY SAME FACELESS CAUCUS.....pulling Malcolm's strings....( just a puppet).
    Abbott with a new identity calling himself Malcolm Turdbull after surgerical facechanging surgery???
    Morrison' s the same....dancing to the Puppetire's calls......Just a comlete Sham!
    Not Senile Yet!
    17th Oct 2016
    He can't grow Balls now.....had the snip to get the job! Libs RW Caucus is calling the Shots!
    Just another Party Puppet......STOP VOTING FOR THEM!!
    They are not real...just Puppets!

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