Can my son claim a Carer Payment?

Lee is in need of care, which her son is willing to provide, but she would like to know whether he would need to live with her to be able to claim a Carer Payment.
Q. Lee

I’m on a Disability Support Payment and I’m going to see if my son can get a Carer Payment for running me to appointments, shopping, etc. My question is whether he can get the Carer Payment if he is living with me? He is not at the moment, but I’m just wondering what are the criteria.

A. Firstly, your son does not need to be living with you to claim a Carer Payment. He just has to have evidence that he is providing a level of care that is acceptable to Centrelink. This is usually the equivalent of an eight-hour workday.

Both you and your son will need to meet certain criteria for him to receive a Carer Payment.

The eligibility basics for a Carer Payment are that the care giver:

  • provides constant care in the home for someone who has a severe disability, medical condition or who requires aged care
  • personally provides care for a significant period of time, usually a minimum of six months
  • has income and assets below the test thresholds.


The care receiver – i.e. you – must also meet the following requirements:

  • achieve a qualifying score as determined by the Adult Disability Assessment Determination 1999 (ADAT Determination)
  • be likely to suffer from the condition or disability permanently or for an extended period of six months unless you have a terminal illness
  • meet the residence requirements
  • require care in your home or in hospital, and
  • meet an income and asset test, unless you receive an eligible pension or benefit paid by Centrelink or an eligible service pension or an income support supplement paid by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs


You should confirm your individual circumstances with Centrelink before making a claim.

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