Simple home repairs to save money

Minor problems pop up from time to time around the house and it might seem like you can just adapt to the problem instead of fixing it right away. However, sometimes putting off these little repairs can end up costing you a lot more money.

There are a number of small jobs you can handle yourself around the home, including issues that might not be visible at all times but which can end up costing you a lot of money. Here are some of the quickest wins.

Leaky taps
Did you know that a tap that drips just once a minute wastes 130 litres over the course of a year? In these times of bushfire and drought, fixing a leaky tap isn’t just a cost saving, it is also part of being a responsible homeowner and a water-wise individual.

Update your lights
If you have regular light attachments, changing over to energy-saving bulbs will not only save you money on your electricity bills, but they will also last longer, saving you the hassle of having to replace them as often. If you have downlights, you won’t be able to change to energy-saving lights on your own, but you can use an electrician to help you save money on your energy costs.

Fix running toilets
If you think a leaky tap wastes water, think about the water being wasted by a running toilet. And, even better, it is even easier to fix a running toilet than it is to stop a leaky tap, depending of course on the reason the toilet is running. You can usually tell what is wrong by taking the lid off the cistern and flushing your toilet and watching what happens. Any replacement parts are usually fairly inexpensive.

Replace air filters
Heaters and air conditioners use filters to trap dust and ensure you are breathing clean air in your home. But they clog up fairly quickly. You can reduce your energy bills by making sure your filters are changed or cleaned every few months, as dirty filters make the equipment work harder.

Seal doors and windows
On the topic of heating and cooling costs, if you don’t want your expensive temperature-controlled air being sucked outdoors, you need to seal all the small cracks around windows and doors. You can hold a candle up to any cracks and look for a flicker to point you towards air leaks around your home.

What easy home repair tips do you use to save money?

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