With most Australians now living much longer and stronger we will all probably spend more time after full-time work, getting a new life. Retirement used to be the stage of life where you gave up work and looked forward to life full of Saturdays, but now a successful retirement takes a lot more planning and skill to get the timing right.

Retirement should be seen as the opportunity to seek new challenges, to try something different in the workforce or realise some of the dreams you’ve held throughout your working life. Finding your way through retirement requires planning for your whole future, not just focusing on your finances.

Planning not only offers the best chance to achieve your goals, it also helps you work out what the type of retirement you don’t want and can ensure you avoid the common mistakes that can see all your years of hard work simply wasted. We all value our independence very highly and the best way to maintain independence is through good health and a firm financial footing which will deliver maximum choice as we age.

The Retirement section of YourLifeChoices website has been organised into seven main categories to help you plan and enjoy the next stage of life. Critical points to consider when retirement planning are timing, your emotional readiness, how much (money) is enough and maximising your nest egg with an effective transition to retirement.

And don’t forget that every quarter we bring together the best brains in the business to answer your questions on how your super can work best for you, making the most of your income in retirement, your rights in retirement, the latest government, health and technology news, relationship dilemmas and so much more in our Retirement Update. 


Timing your retirement

Ensuring the optimal timing of your retirement right is the first step, so how do you achieve this?

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Retirement planning

Retirement planning is often considered in a purely financial terms, but there’s so much more to consider than just money.

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How much is enough?

With people living longer on average in retirement, it’s understandable that running out of money is a major concern. So how much do you need to fund retirement?

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Making the transition to retirement

Very few people go from working full time to full-time retirement, so what can you do to enjoy a successful transition?

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Retirement income

There are several ways to secure an income in retirement, so here's a plain English summary of the main options.

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Living in retirement

Options for living in retirement and how your home can help fund your retirement lifestyle are varied, so which choices do you need to consider?

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Access our many retirement resources, including calculators, checklists, FAQs and of course, the quarterly YourLifeChoices Retirement Update.

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Does your retirement need a rethink?

Does your retirement need a rethink?

Does your retirement need a rethink?

Will the proposed changes to super have an impact on your retirement income?

The great retiree blame game

It’s time to stop beating up older Australians

The great retiree blame game

It’s time to stop beating up older Australians.

Are you banking on an Age Pension?

Many Australians are banking on government support in retirement

Are you banking on an Age Pension?

43 per cent of Australians believe the will rely on government support.

Family home in assets test?

michael caton in the castle

Family home in assets test?

Will Budget 2016/17 include the family home in the assets test?

Time to tax retirement income?

Calculator showing tax free for retirement investments

Time to tax retirement income?

A possible hit to retirement income earnings in Budget 2016/17 may affect you.

Age Pension age changes

increasing retirement age

Age Pension age changes

Will the Age Pension age change in the Federal Budget 2016/17?

Time for super tax concession changes

Rolls of money received in superannuation tax concessions

Time for super tax concession changes

Changes to superannuation tax concession will happen but what are they likely to be?

Timing Your Retirement

Are you ready to retire early?

Early retirement is the dream held by many, but realised by few.

An end in sight

Time to rethink retirement

What is retirement? What does it means to you?

rethink and rework

Are you ready to retire quiz

Have you done the necessary planning before beginning your transition?

Take the quiz

Retirement Planning

Tips for choosing a financial planner

Choosing someone to be responsible for your financial plan is a big decision.

Don't get this wrong

Worst retirement mistake to make

There are many ‘experts’ who will tell you the shortcut to retirement bliss.

Give this mistake a miss

Ease into your retirement

When considering a transition to retirement strategy, what should your focus be?

Be retirement ready

How much is enough?

Will an inheritance fund retirement?

Australians may be relying on an inheritance to fund retirement.

What’s your lifestyle goal?

Are you spending too much?

It can be tempting to splurge on living the good life as soon as you retire.

Will you get an Age Pension?

Does $1 million make you rich?

Does $1 million in the bank mean you’re rich?

Does $1m make you rich?

Making the transition to retirement

How do I start my retirement?

Robert is planning on retiring but isn’t sure when he should apply for an Age Pension.

Starting retirement

Understand your retirement anxiety

It’s understandable that many anxieties surround retirement.

Take control

Your retirement survival guide

Here are 10 ways to reduce your financial concerns in retirement.

Ten tips you need to know

Retirement Income

Should I now get a single pension?

Peter would like to know if he can be assessed as single age pensioner.

Single or couple?

Is it worth making a pension claim?

Should Michael make a pension claim even though he’ll fail the income test?

Should I claim?

What if I lose my Age Pension?

Here is clarification of how the asset threshold changes will be applied.

What you need to know

Living in retirement

Interested in a slice of paradise?

If you’ve considered living overseas then maybe the Philippines is for you.

Retirement overseas

Plight of older Australians

As Age Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan is across the issues that older Australians are facing.

Susan Ryan speaks

Rich versus poor in retirement

New research has found that the expenditure levels for most retirees is similar.

The cost of living


Five best retirement calculators

We’ve rounded up the top five free retirement calculators on the internet.

Tech update

Youth can’t replace experience

Australia may be ‘dumbed down’ as baby boomers move towards retirement.

Australia facing a brain drain?

Know your rights

The process of planning for retirement can be a far from simple process.

Your rights at retirement

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