Remember when retirement meant giving up work for a week full of Saturdays? One thing YourLifeChoices has learnt over 20 years of publishing retirement news and resources is that the retirement landscape has changed – and is a constantly evolving entity.

But now, as ever, a successful retirement takes planning and knowledge.

Retirement is the opportunity to seek new challenges, to try something different in the workforce or realise some of the dreams you’ve held throughout your working life. It requires planning for your whole future, and not just focusing on your finances.

YourLifeChoices is Australia’s largest and longest running retirement resource, here to help you with timing and planning your retirement, with information on transitioning to retirement and living in retirement, as well as how much is enough and essential retirement income information and resources.

And our quarterly Retirement Affordability Index will keep you up to date with accurate and relevant retirement costs of living, government updates and expert analysis, commentary and opinions.

Super news – for some

Super performance in september

Super news – for some

September quarter has some super members grinning again.

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Tree change vs sea change

An aerial view of the south end of Newcastle Beach and King Edward Park

Tree change vs sea change

Pandemic increases buying in remote areas and research reveals the best value locations.

How we fared in Global Retirement Index

retirement index

How we fared in Global Retirement Index

Australia lifts ranking in index, but gender inequality a concern.

Talking retirement and pension strategies

Talking retirement and Age Pension strategies

Talking retirement and pension strategies

It’s never too early, or too late, to understand the impact of pension thresholds.

Retirement ‘types’ – which one are you?

Retirement ‘types’ – which one are you?

Retirement ‘types’ – which one are you?

Coach Jon Glass says there are four broad retirement ‘types’ and outlines their challenges.

Minister flags review of pension, home

age pension and family home

Minister flags review of pension, home

Is this a case of ‘here we go again’ as senator refers to Retirement Income ...

Spike in demand for help with pensions

Big spike in demand for professional help with Age Pension applications

Spike in demand for help with pensions

But Services Australia says processing goals are met 80 per cent of the time.

Timing Your Retirement

Is retirement still attractive?

Staggering number of YourLifeChoices members don’t ever want to retire from work.

How long to work?

Seven questions about retirement

What comes to mind when you think of your retirement? Is it excitement?

The big questions

Older Aussies leading the world

Australia has ranked second in a study measuring the resilience of global workforces.

Are you adaptable?

Retirement Planning

Key to keeping retirement plans ‘real’

How far your retirement funds need to stretch depends on how long you are likely to live.

Doing the maths

Trend towards unretirement

The number of people returning to the workforce after retiring is growing.

Ready to unretire?

Confidence is about more than money

Retirement sector must find more compelling ways to engage older Australians.

When anxiety peaks

How much is enough?

Tracking cost-of-living increases

Cash-Strapped Couples and Singles and Constrained Singles bear the brunt of cost-of-living increases in the December quarter.

Wine costs drop

Life is for living, while funds last

Increased longevity is heaping real pressure on retirees’ finances.

How to ensure income

Take guesswork out of retirement

Retired actuary and ‘rule of thumb’ co-creator John De Ravin explains how you can spend with confidence in retirement.

Don’t run out of money

Making the transition to retirement

Is part-time work right for you?

Retired actuary John De Ravin crunches the numbers on part-time work to help you decide.

What to take into account

Boomers redefining retirement

With baby boomers redefining retirement, workplaces must evolve, writes Luke Fitzpatrick.

Why old is gold

Older Aussies leading the world

Australia has ranked second in a study measuring the resilience of global workforces.

Are you adaptable?

Retirement Income

Base rate boost on the way?

Supplement ‘unsustainable’ but pre-pandemic base rates ‘too low’, say MPs.

Boost the base rate

Transition to retirement explained

A transition to retirement strategy lets you access some super and keep working.

Complex strategy

COVID-19 adding to retirement insecurity

The economic impact of COVID-19 is heightening the financial pressure on retirees.

Insecure retirement

Living in retirement

Strategy to combat loneliness, poverty

Many older Australians forced to rent are open to sharing living spaces.

Sharing the load

Surrogate ‘grandchildren’

The collaboration that enriched Molly and Jim’s lives.

Winners all

Critical factor in retirees’ confidence

Survey reveals how retirees are coping with the effects of poor share market performance.

Confidence booster


Making sense of longevity

There may be things we wouldn’t want to know, but it would help retirement planning.

The spending balance

Retirement health checklist

Retirement planning is about so much more than just money.

Planning later life

Charting a course through retirement

There are huge positives to maintaining your learning, even post-retirement.

Course to success


Time to rediscover past passions

Wanted to paint or learn another language, but never found the time? Now you have it!

Time to get started

Noel Whittaker’s take on the Budget

The Budget initiatives that will assist older Australians.

Lower super fees?

High-viz, narrow vision

The government seems to think economic stimulus is all about high-viz vests and hard hats.

Hardest hats

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