Remember when retirement meant giving up work for a week full of Saturdays? One thing YourLifeChoices has learnt over 20 years of publishing retirement news and resources is that the retirement landscape has changed – and is a constantly evolving entity.

But now, as ever, a successful retirement takes planning and knowledge.

Retirement is the opportunity to seek new challenges, to try something different in the workforce or realise some of the dreams you’ve held throughout your working life. It requires planning for your whole future, and not just focusing on your finances.

YourLifeChoices is Australia’s largest and longest running retirement resource, here to help you with timing and planning your retirement, with information on transitioning to retirement and living in retirement, as well as how much is enough and essential retirement income information and resources.

And our quarterly Retirement Affordability Index will keep you up to date with accurate and relevant retirement costs of living, government updates and expert analysis, commentary and opinions.



Older Australians still fearful about aged care, surveys find

Respondents say they have little faith in the system and 'just want a place like home'.


Unretiring: How to navigate going back to work

Numerous retirees choose to return to the workforce, many within five years of leaving.


Rising inflation biggest threat to retirement income and quality

Can retirees protect themselves from the threat of inflation?


Delaying applying for the pension? It could be a costly mistake

Don't delay, apply for the pension today.


Financial adviser exodus leaving retirees to fend for themselves

Advisers who 'only want to help people' fear their services are unaffordable for many.

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