With most Australians now living much longer and stronger we will all probably spend more time after full-time work, getting a new life. Retirement used to be the stage of life where you gave up work and looked forward to life full of Saturdays, but now a successful retirement takes a lot more planning and skill to get the timing right.

Retirement should be seen as the opportunity to seek new challenges, to try something different in the workforce or realise some of the dreams you’ve held throughout your working life. Finding your way through retirement requires planning for your whole future, not just focusing on your finances.

Planning not only offers the best chance to achieve your goals, it also helps you work out what the type of retirement you don’t want and can ensure you avoid the common mistakes that can see all your years of hard work simply wasted. We all value our independence very highly and the best way to maintain independence is through good health and a firm financial footing which will deliver maximum choice as we age.

The Retirement section of YourLifeChoices website has been organised into seven main categories to help you plan and enjoy the next stage of life. Critical points to consider when retirement planning are timing, your emotional readiness, how much (money) is enough and maximising your nest egg with an effective transition to retirement.

And don’t forget that every quarter we bring together the best brains in the business to answer your questions on how your super can work best for you, making the most of your income in retirement, your rights in retirement, the latest government, health and technology news, relationship dilemmas and so much more in our Retirement Update. 


Timing your retirement

Ensuring the optimal timing of your retirement right is the first step, so how do you achieve this?

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Retirement planning

Retirement planning is often considered in a purely financial terms, but there’s so much more to consider than just money.

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How much is enough?

With people living longer on average in retirement, it’s understandable that running out of money is a major concern. So how much do you need to fund retirement?

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Making the transition to retirement

Very few people go from working full time to full-time retirement, so what can you do to enjoy a successful transition?

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Retirement income

There are several ways to secure an income in retirement, so here's a plain English summary of the main options.

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Living in retirement

Options for living in retirement and how your home can help fund your retirement lifestyle are varied, so which choices do you need to consider?

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Access our many retirement resources, including calculators, checklists, FAQs and of course, the quarterly YourLifeChoices Retirement Update.

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Do you know if you qualify for an Age Pension? Find out with our RetirePlanner tool.

Are retirees frugal or just broke?

Are retirees being frugal or struggling to survive?

Are retirees frugal or just broke?

What’s the real story behind the spending habits of older Australians?

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The key Budget issues for retirees

The key Budget issues for retirees

The key Budget issues for retirees

How Treasurer Scott Morrison can help retirees in Budget 2018.

ACCC ‘lack of action’ on Aveo

ACCC ‘lack of action’ on Aveo

ACCC ‘lack of action’ on Aveo

Aveo chief executive yet to be quizzed by competition regulator.

Financially literate? ‘Yes we are’

Financially literate? ‘Yes we are’

Financially literate? ‘Yes we are’

We asked you to participate in our financial literacy survey. This is what you told ...

Retirement Affordability Index March 2018

Retirement Affordability Index March 2018

Retirement Affordability Index March 2018

A steady income stream is essential if older Australians hope to enjoy a comfortable retirement. ...

Greens talk pension and retirement

Greens talk pension and retirement

Greens talk pension and retirement

We grill the Greens on pension eligibility, super and rising energy and healthcare costs.

Is Australia the best place to retire?

Is Australia the best place to retire?

Is Australia the best place to retire?

Australia is ranked in the top third of countries considered the best countries to retire.

Timing Your Retirement

Are we working for the love of it?

Retirement is becoming a dirty word for 60-year-olds.

The grey army

How to time your retirement

Many retire as soon as they hit retirement age, but is there a better way?

Perfect timing

Are you ready to retire quiz

Have you done the necessary planning before beginning your transition?

Take the quiz

Retirement Planning

YourLifeChoices RetirePlanner™

Why you need the YourLifeChoices RetirePlanner™ tool.

How much will you get?

All your cruise questions answered

Learn all the answers to your cruise questions at the 2018 Melbourne Bootcamp.

Cruise on in

Coping on the smell of an oily rag

How to overcome fear of running out of money when you retire.

Use common cents

How much is enough?

The costs that cut deepest

Where does your money go? We ask economist Matt Grudnoff for some answers.

Where does the money go?

How your money works in retirement

The lifestyles afforded the haves and the have-nots are poles.

Where do you fit in?

Set your dream retirement nest egg

Calculate whether your super and pensions will deliver your desired lifestyle

Can you afford this?

Making the transition to retirement

Reaching preservation age

Preservation age is the first retirement milestone but what does it mean?

What should you do?

Retrenchment – what should I do?

Retrenchment isn’t getting rid of the person: it is getting rid of the role.

Facing retrenchment

How do I start my retirement?

Robert is planning on retiring but isn’t sure when he should apply for an Age Pension.

Starting retirement

Retirement Income

Retirees’ cost of living rising

Household costs for age pensioners rose 0.6 per cent in the December 2017 quarter.

Cost of living

‘Dice loaded in favour of boomers’

Oxford historian claims generational conflict will dictate the future of politics.

More elder bashing

Labor declares war on wealthy retirees

Shorten to announce plan to save $59b over 10 years.

Budget booster

Living in retirement

Are retirees frugal or just broke?

What’s the real story behind the spending habits of older Australians?

What you told us

The problem with having to retire

Self-worth and mental health can take a battering when we have no choice.

Coping strategies

Downsizing: the good, bad and ugly

The good, the bad and the ugly of downsizing to save your retirement.

An easy out?


How much are you spending?

The most current and relevant expenditure guidelines available for Australian retirees.

Plan your spending

Five best retirement calculators

We’ve rounded up the top five free retirement calculators on the internet.

Tech update

Youth can’t replace experience

Australia may be ‘dumbed down’ as baby boomers move towards retirement.

Australia facing a brain drain?


Fewer retired women need men

More women are returning to work after retiring than men, according to the ABS.

Retirement slipping away

Immigration may save your pension

Women and young migrants are easing the burden on Australia’s pension system.

Women to the rescue

Aveo group admits poor standards

Retirement village operator Aveo admits it needs to lift its game.

Pain behind profit

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