While it’s important to have as much information to hand as possible when making decisions that will affect your retirement, it’s equally important to ensure that the resources you use are factually correct, comply with legislation (such as financial services legislation) and are easy to use and understand.

Online calculators are probably the most useful – and utilised tools – available and there are many different ones from which to choose. You can calculate how much Age Pension you may receive from Centrelink, how much you need to retire, how long your money will last, how extra super contributions can boost your fund balance and even how long you will live in retirement.

Another useful resource are checklists. Whether it’s a list of what you need when contacting Centrelink, which documents you should keep in a safe, what to ask a financial planner or a financial health checklist, such checklists will help to ensure you’ve got everything covered.

And don’t forget our quarterly Retirement Affordability Index, bringing you the real cost of retirement based on your specific circumstances, and information on what you really need to know about retirement.

What is your life expectancy?

Drew was shocked to learn that he is only expected to live until just 68.

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