Are new pension changes enough?

New changes to the Age Pension could come into effect as soon as 1 July, and we’d like to know if they’re enough to have a positive impact on your retirement.

Over one third of Australian pensioners live below the poverty line. Many of these people do not own their home. Many can’t find employment, whether they are denied the opportunities afforded younger people or are not fit to work, and many don’t have enough savings or assets to even consider lifetime retirement income streams. So how will these changes have any effect on them?

Once again, it seems that most of the changes will benefit the already ‘comfortable’ retirees – which is great – but what of those who are actually doing it tough?

Read Kaye’s article for a full explanation of the coming changes. Will the new pension changes actually improve your retirement?

Friday Flash Poll: Will new pension changes improve your retirement?


And, of course, we welcome your opinions in the comments section below.

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