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Do you ever find yourself drawing a blank on the name of a song? Or how about a type of dog? Or plant? Find out what you’re listening to or looking at with these great apps.

What-Dog or Fetch

Using advanced artificial intelligence, this app can identify the breed of a dog by analysing a photo of it. The Microsoft-developed app uses image-recognition software to determine the dog breed. At the moment it is quite accurate, although I’m not sure how it will perform at recognising crossbreeds, but what makes the app so much fun is what it will do if you submit a picture of a person. The app is well and truly smart enough to tell the difference between a human and a dog, but just for fun, when you upload a photo of a person it will tell you what type of dog they would be. So while you probably already know what breed your dog is, why not find out what breed your friends and family are?

Available for free on iPhone and iPad.

Can be accessed on all other devices by visiting the website


If you hear a great song on the radio or while you’re out and about, this nifty app can, using your device’s microphone, listen to it and then find out its title and artist. Shazam does this by sending the segment of the song you recorded to its database and comparing it to the millions of songs it has stored there until a match is found. For the most accurate results, try to get as close as possible to the speaker from where the music is coming and try to not talk whilst recording.

Available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android and more.


Developed by French scientists, this app will identify a plant or tree based on a photo of one leaf, flower, fruit or piece of bark. The app supports over 4000 varieties of plants and trees. At the moment, the app primarily focuses on flora that grows in the French territory, but the amount of supported species is constantly growing as more people use the app.

Available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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