Are air fryers really that good?

Air fryers are all the rage as people look to healthier options for cooking their food, but are they as good as they claim?

Air fryers can cook, bake and roast a huge variety of foods from hot chips to banana bread, using a lot less oil than a deep fryer.

They’re similar to convection ovens, relying on air and heating instead of oil to cook your food. 

Dietitian Ariana Cucuzza told the Cleveland Clinic that there were more advantages to air frying than drawbacks, but there were still some things to consider other than the extra bench space required in your kitchen.

Air frying significantly reduces the number of calories people eat, with Ms Cucuzza explaining that most people reduce their intake by 70 to 80 per cent, while also being more time efficient.

“You can bake a chicken breast faster in an air fryer than you can in your oven, and clean-up is typically easier,” she explained.

Air frying also avoids the aroma of deep-fried foods permeating the whole house and can be a great way to make vegetables crispier and tastier.

The trap with air fryers, however, is that it can lead people towards thinking they can eat more fried food.

“Although a low-fat, air-fried diet sounds enticing, you’d end up missing out on the wonderful benefits of plant-based fats such as avocado oil and olive oil,” Ms Cucuzza explained.

She said that in moderation, high-quality fats were critical for brain and hormone health.

Another problem with air fryers is that they cook food at high temperatures, at great speed, making it easy to burn food, which can result in the charred food becoming carcinogenic.

Do you have an air fryer in your house? How often do you use it? Do you think it is more of a fad? Or is it a genuinely healthier way to cook for your household?

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