Best travel gadgets of 2019

We have a lot of fun finding travel gadgets that make your holiday simpler and safer. At the end of the year, we have even more finding out which gadgets you found fascinating. Here are the top five travel gadgets of 2019.

1. Handy gadget saves you up to 70 per cent of bag space
Tired of running out of room in your suitcase? With this handy gadget, you can vacuum seal your clothes and give yourself 70 per cent more space on your next holiday.

Unlike other methods of sealing which require you to find and use a full-blown vacuum to shrink and seal all of your bags, the Dr Save Vacuum Travel Kit includes a unique hand-held and battery-operated vacuum pump for quick shrinking of the size of the goods in your bag.

Most importantly, it’s lightweight and is easily packed in your bag to ensure vacuum sealing for the return trip!

2. Pickpocket-proof clothing
One piece of advice every traveller has either given or received is ‘keep your valuables on you’, but with pickpockets stealthy enough to get into the most cautious of travellers’ pockets and bags, how useful is this advice today? Just in case it isn’t, Liv found the best travel clothing to help keep your valuables safe, and you stress free.

3. A gadget that saves your back and neck from travel pains
As much as we’d like to imagine that we can simply teleport from our living room to our dream holiday destination, the reality is that there will most likely be many – mostly unpleasant – hours of travel in the way. Long drives and plane rides are known to cause headaches, hunched, sore shoulders and an aching back. But this little gadget will help to give your back a holiday, too.

4. We reveal five must-have travel gadgets of 2018
In 2018, we covered a wide range of travel gadgets, from apps, towels, toiletries, seasick goggles and even Tinder. And you loved it, so much so that the best gadgets of 2018 were one of the most clicked articles of 2019!

5. Never use airport charging hubs (without this)
Many people overlook the fact that USB ports can be used to pass data, not just power. They can be modified by cybercriminals, so that USB port users have malware installed on their phones, allowing them access to your personal information, accounts and files – unless you have this handy gadget.

Which was your favourite gadget of 2019?

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