Don’t be conned by Census scam

Callers claiming to be from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) are using the Census to swindle personal information from unsuspecting Australians.

Scammers are calling Australians and stating that, due to the problems with the 2016 Census, they are available to help them complete their forms over the phone.

“We just need some basic details such as your name, date of birth, address and licence number,” they ask.

Many older Australians who have requested paper Census forms – either because of their discomfort using computers or distrust of the system – would seemingly be prime targets for this type of ‘phishing’ scam.

Many of these calls occurred prior to Census night on 9 August, with scammers then promising to phone back to help fill out the form.

The ABS has confirmed that it will not phone anyone to complete the Census over the phone, saying that anyone who needs help should ask a trusted family member or friend.

Census workers and field officers should also be clearly identifiable with an ID badge and a bright yellow satchel.

Have you received any calls about the Census? Are you aware of this scam?

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