Gadgets to help with memory loss

Often simple aids or gadgets can assist someone with memory loss to manage better at home.

According to Dementia Australia, if you are caring for someone who is starting to suffer from memory loss or the early onset of dementia, there are a number of products that can help.

Talking photo frames or albums
As you flip through the photo album you can press the play button at each photo and listen to the 10 second recorded message. These devices allow information about the photo to be recorded and replayed. You can record names, dates and places to pass the information on to the viewer. The lock switch prevents the message being erased if the batteries go flat or are removed.

Day Clock
This analogue clock displays the day of the week. This facilitates orientation and helps with making and keeping appointments or activities.

Wireless Remote Key Locator
This device helps to save time looking for misplaced objects. Attach one of the four different coloured receivers to an object most likely to go missing. When you want to find the tagged item, press the corresponding coloured button on the remote. It uses radio frequency signals to detect the receiver and lets off a beeping sound when it is in a 10m radius of the object.

Retro-style LED Wrist Watch – Large Figure Display
This stylish watch is integrated with battery-saving circuitry, turning the display off after five seconds and can be turned back on at a press of a button. It also displays the date and year. The LED intensity is adjusted to suit the sensitivity of the eyes.

Flood Detectors
Can be installed if there has been a history of accidentally leaving a tap running by the person with memory problems.

This is a sink safety plug that works using a pressure-activated system. When a certain level of water is reached in a sink, the pressure plate opens and releases the excess water safely down the plughole.

Read more about Dementia Australia’s recommended assistive technologies.

What gadgets have you discovered that help someone with memory loss around the home?

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