Technology: apps that can help forgetful people to remember

These apps are ideal for anyone who has trouble remembering all life’s little things.

Life can be pretty hectic at times. Forget ageing—whoa, wait, what was I going to say? Darn, I forgot. Now, maybe if I had an app that could help me remember things?

Here are eight apps that will prove invaluable to anyone who has trouble remembering everything. You’ll never forget to remember again!


apps for forgetful people evernote

Evernote is a great all-round app for recording pretty much anything that comes to mind. From to-do lists to notes, pictures and articles, this handy app allows you to store anything you may need for future reference. And the best part is, all of your info is safely stored online, so you can access it from your desktop, smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.
Available free for desktop, iOS and Android


apps for forgetful people lastpass

If you ever have trouble remembering your myriad passwords, then LastPass will prove itself invaluable to you. The free version of this practical password-managing app stores all your passwords for any websites you visit and keeps them secure with strong encryption and a single master password. A premium version, available for $12 per year, stores and syncs all your passwords for all of your devices, so you’ll never need to remember them again. Except that master password, of course. Read more about LastPass.
Available free for desktop, iOS and Android


apps for forgetful people apple reminders

Your iOS and MacOS device comes with a very capable reminder app called, funnily enough, Reminders. This standard app allows you to easily create to-do lists, which can be assigned to different aspects of life, such as house, shopping, bucket-list, and so on. You can also set reminders to help you remember to do the items on your list. The reminders can be set for a certain time, or when you arrive at a particular location. Say you need milk, well, you set a reminder and a location of your milk bar or supermarket, and when you’re close by, Reminders will send you, you guessed it, a reminder.

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    Polly Esther
    10th Mar 2016
    Yes, but even with a fancy whatsa ma jig like this, when it's all boiled down the whole point of the matter is to be able to remember to remember to er er OMG I've forgotten.
    10th Mar 2016
    Don't forget where you put the phone.
    11th Mar 2016
    Is there a 10.6.8 version?
    11th Mar 2016
    The new app helps you remember that you forgot the app that you need to remember. Then you can remember the app that you forgot and no longer need the app that helps you remember the app that you forgot. OH Just forget it and you'll be better off not remembering you forgot.

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