Handy gadgets that went viral

Do you have a drawer full of unloved gadgets that you just had to buy but later found you barely used.

Well, you can toss them out now because most of the useful gizmos that have been selling like hotcakes recently are digital interfaces with your electronic devices.

The Gadget Lifestyle website keeps track of innovative products that go viral as they are snapped up by millions of shoppers around the world.

Many of them are designed to help you manage an increasingly busy world, where rushing around means we misplace keys, accidentally drop our smartphones or lose precious digital photos.

Here are our favourite technology solutions from the website’s latest list, and the good news is that they are all available for under $50.

TrackR Bravo
Sick of forgetting where you left your keys or wallet just as you are about to head out the door? Then you need TrackR, a coin-sized tracking device which you attach to your belongings and monitor through an app.

The app sends out a signal to the device so that it can be easily located. It will even tell you how far you are from your missing belongings. When you get within close range, an alarm is sounded to let you know the exact location of the mislaid keys or wallet. This product is available for $24 for one token or $100 for eight.

Are you one of those people who don’t like to put your phone in a case? If you take that chance, then you need a reliable screen protector that’s made of sturdier stuff than a flimsy plastic film.

WowFixIt is a liquid product when applied, but hardens within five minutes and claims to make your smartphone screen 40 per cent more likely to withstand cracking and scratches if it should fall to the ground.

It also claims to be waterproof and to improve your camera lens. The product protects your screen for up to a year and can be found on ebay and Amazon for around $20.

If you rue the day you lost your smartphone with all 500 photographs you had snapped over the past couple of years, as I did, then you can make sure you never lose a digital happy snap ever again by buying ThePhotoStick.

Available in a variety of storage capacities and starting at $35, this USB plug-in will ensure you always have plenty of space on your phone while your photographs are safely stored in ThePhotoStick.

Just download a free app, plug in the USB and start storing. There are two versions of the plug-in – one for Android phones and the other for iPhones.

X-tra PC
This small, USB-style product is like steroids for your Windows PC and is available from around $50. While you may not be able to design computer software using it, X-tra PC does boost the speed of your operating programs. The downside is that the Linux-based software plug-in means you may not be able to access Microsoft products.

But if you need a more powerful computer and can’t afford it, this gadget will give your current computer an inexpensive upgrade.

Are you addicted to the latest gadgets? How much money have you wasted on useless gadgets? What is the most useful gadget you have ever owned?

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