How to block annoying pop-up ads

Pop-up ads. Whether you’re scrolling through your News Feed, browsing your favourite online store or reading the latest article on your favourite website, is there anything more annoying than having an as interrupt you? Well, today we explain how to enable pop-up blocking on your browser, so you can ban those pesky ads from interrupting your web-searching once and for all.

Google Chrome

Chrome should automatically block pop-ups as a default setting, but you can ensure that the feature is enabled:

Click the Chrome menu in the right corner of your web browser and select Settings > Show advanced settings > Content settings. Then check the ‘Do not allow any site to show pop-ups’ box.


Internet Explorer

To navigate to the pop-up blocker in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, click Tools in the right corner of your web browser then select Internet options > Privacy, and then check the ‘Block pop-ups’ box.




To enable the pop-up blocker in Apple’s Safari, click Safari in the left corner of your web browser and select Preferences then select Security, and then select the ‘Block pop-up windows’ option.




Mozilla Firefox

While pop-up blocking should already be enabled, you can check its status click on the Settings menu in the right corner of your web browser. Select Options > Content, and then check the ‘Block pop-up windows’ box.


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