Human Services email scam

Catherine received a rather convincing email regarding qualification for a Human Services subsidy benefit. How can she tell if it’s a scam or if she’s missing a much-needed payment?

Q. Catherine
I received the following email last week and I have noted that it is most likely a scam. Can you confirm if I’m correct or am I missing out on an actual Human Services subsidy? I would never give this type of information out via email, but I’m sure others would – maybe you could let others know if it’s a fake? 


A. This is indeed a scam – albeit a very good one. There are very few organisations that will ask you to give such personal and financial information via email. And indeed, if any do, you should ask if there is a more secure way to pass on or verify information.

Also, if contacting any organisation to enquire whether or not it has sent a communication, always go through an email address or phone number you have taken from its official website, not one that has been provided in the email.

Thank you very much for alerting us to this – we’re sure that other YourLifeChoices members will be cautious if they receive such an email.

Have you received a similar email? Did you spot it as a scam?

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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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