Australians are becoming increasingly addicted to the internet

Australians are spending 22 days per year more online than two years ago.

Australians are becoming increasingly addicted to the internet

A new survey of 10,348 Australians has revealed that, in comparison to two years ago, the average person is spending an extra 22 days per year online.

The research, carried out by independent research agency Evolve Research on behalf of NBN Co, is expected to help the company understand where and how users are going online and for how long.

The significant rise in time spent by Australians accessing the internet is largely due to increased accessibility to the internet through smartphones and tablets. There has been a surge in multitasking, with three quarters of respondents admitting to using the internet while watching TV; one-third while cooking, and a smaller percentage admitting to being online while on the toilet.

More users than ever before are viewing the internet just before they fall asleep and immediately as they wake and a quarter of respondents admitted to accessing the internet when they wake up during the night.

Are you using the internet more than before? Do you reach for your phone first thing in the morning?




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    29th Sep 2016
    Nah... NAH! (refuses eye contact).. s'all lies.. all lies.. jest evil rumours made up by me enemies t' try t' discredit me.... total lies, the 'ole fing!
    29th Sep 2016
    Give ye brain damage an' square eyes, 'at will.... no sane person'd do it... ay? Ye'd 'ave t' be crazy, so s'all total lies, beyond doubt....
    29th Sep 2016
    It's all about balance - I do spend more time on the internet but no time anymore watching TV. I find on the internet I can choose my sources for news and entertainment. I try to spend only a limited time looking at the screen and switch on the computer with a list of tasks to do, or a time for news and entertainment.
    Dave V
    29th Sep 2016
    Yes, I'm a bit the same Franky. I do spend more time on the computer, but far less time watching the box. And as more of us do that the free-to-air stations get increasingly desperate for ways to attract us back, which leads to the sort of risk taking that happened with Ch 9, 60 Minutes, and Lebanon.
    29th Sep 2016
    Haha. Me too. I do have to write that list though each morning. If I get everything on it done I shout myself a G&T in the arvo and a nice liquor and special chocolate after dinner.

    I make sure I include a bit of exercise on the list too.

    However I do love to read what other's think about current affairs. It is much more real than just being informed via the MSM.
    29th Sep 2016
    Guilty on all counts!!
    29th Sep 2016
    I have friends all over the world on the net, on my car sites.

    I only have 2 with in 25 kilometres of me on the ground.
    29th Sep 2016
    Yeah......gotta admit to that.
    29th Sep 2016
    I spend a lot of time on all parts of the internet but hardly any time anymore on TV. When I look at TV its mainly SBS, that's if they have anything remotely like a documentary. Other channels seem to be aimed at the younger age groups and the advertising interruptions is just ridiculous. Then there's the repeats, of the same old repeats.

    The internet has face book for a whole lot of communications, it has Ebay for purchasing a whole lot of goods that cant be bought locally, it has email that can be used in conjunction with ebay and other websites, to make a whole lot of online purchases, pay bills, or have private conversation with distant friends. It has google to find out anything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. It has a whole range of (do it yourself) information that's useful for survival or just finding interesting things to do.
    Probably the most important thing I bought since my retirement was a laptop computer and I consider myself most fortunate to have worked in a job for 20years where I could learn basic computer skills.

    29th Sep 2016
    Misspent youth AND adulthood, but a lot of fun.

    29th Sep 2016
    Since I upgraded from dial-up I have spent more time on the net. I also have 2 websites that I set up and control and that also takes time. I use the net to listen to radio stations that I cannot receive locally which have call back and topics that interest me. I also find it useful in gathering facts to point out to some people who post made up information that they should check facts before running off at the mouth (or fingertips).
    29th Sep 2016
    I used to listen to radio too.

    Unfortunately the propaganda on their ABC became too heavy to be worth listening to, & John Laws retired.
    29th Sep 2016
    John Laws hasn't retired !!
    Nan Norma
    29th Sep 2016
    John Laws retired from 4BC but he's still on the radio, one of the bay channels. I've heard him.
    29th Sep 2016
    Here's a link to the Super Radio Network where you can listen to Laws.
    29th Sep 2016
    I think it has become a competition to see who is the 'more important' - see how many e-mails I've got...., 'more popular'... see how many updates I get in facebook/Instagram/etc etc, 'busier' see how many work emails I answer/write at 11pm, 2am etc

    Frankly I am not paid enough to be on call 24/7, I prefer to actually meet face to face with my friends and give them the attention they deserve (not keep looking at some electronic device) and I have the self discipline to turn it off and pay myself some attention in the evenings and weekends.
    Nan Norma
    29th Sep 2016
    I switch between my laptop and my Ipad. Rarely watch TV. It's far nicer to be able to choose what I want to watch, when I want to watch it. I also have Netflix so even better. You really do get sick of so many adds. If I can do it on line I do. All those so called reality shows drive me mad.
    30th Sep 2016
    I use my PC and Internet as much as I want use it, day, night or any time in between, and that is not the business of anyone nor it it my business of anyone else. I might use it at night to talk with folks from Europe to catch them in their daytime etc etc

    I might be on it all day for that matter.
    In Outer Orbit
    2nd Oct 2016
    Just because it's none of their business doesn't mean they are not watching everything you do on line Pixapd. Buyer beware.
    4th Oct 2016
    THEY can watch me all day and night, do I care? NO, honest person has nothing to fear.
    1st Oct 2016
    As a small contributor to making the internet I am now ashamed to see the increasing addiction to the internet. I use the internet 15 minutes max a day for personal mails and some Google searches for my work.
    A major part of all our brain's DNA is seemingly flawed in being unable to control the magpie like attraction to glitter and shining babbles and flawed attraction to total irrelevant information and news.
    I turn on the web 1-2 hours after I get up and always shutdown the web before dinner and walking the dog.
    I do not answer my phone or text whiles driving.
    I look at any SMS when I get home.
    NOTHING IN LIFE is worth the web addiction factor.
    Stop deluding yourself and get help and switch the bloody thing off.
    In Outer Orbit
    2nd Oct 2016
    The Genie is out of the bottle and was never going to be possible to put back. The unintended consequences are appearing everywhere. All that glisters is not gold. The 'Freedom' of the information superhighway is increasingly becoming our road to a collective hell. Unlimited information in the hands of many very limited individuals, wholly unequipped to deal with it. Silicon Valley will eventually screw the planet and all of us in it, nothwithstanding the odd bone of largesse their Gods might throw back into the swamp they have created. The Hubris of these Gods is unbridled - Zuckerberg now is announcing plans to end ALL disease on the planet. Oh Really? Duh? Gates thinks he's doing the same. God preserve us from these people and their misadventures.

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