Labor’s NBN compromise

Labor communications spokesperson Michelle Rowland this week revealed that the party is preparing change its NBN policy, switching and plans from fibre-to-the-premises technology to a fibre-to-the-kerb method.

“The challenge with NBN is you can’t simply change it post-election like a piece of legislation – there are realities on the ground,” Ms Rowland told Fairfax Media.

Labor understands that, if it does win the next election, installation of the NBN will be almost complete Australia-wide. Introducing fibre-to-the-premises will be near impossible without compromise at this stage of deployment.

Going forward, if fibre-to-the-kerb were to be implemented, it would give Labor a technology base from which it could eventually upgrade and implement fibre-to-the-premises in the future.

“FTTP remains the Labor policy with FTTC being the next best alternative for consumers.” Ms Rowland said. “This won’t fix the NBN – and it’s not fibre-to-the-premises – but it will salvage something better for those households, guarantee better speeds and modestly improve the economics of the NBN.”

The NBN has already been connected to 1 million premises through a fibre-to-the-kerb model. Labor is calling on the Government to use fibre-to-the-kerb for all remaining premises not yet in the design and construction pipeline.

What do you think? Is compromising at this late stage too little too late? Are you worried about fibre-to-the-node being installed in your area?


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Written by Drew Patchell

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