Stopping relentless unwanted calls

This new piece of technology stopped telemarketer calls for Neil.

Stopping relentless unwanted calls

Up until three months ago, YourLifeChoices member Neil was receiving between two to six calls from telemarketers on his landline every single day. It wasn’t until he was directed to a new piece of technology that Neil was able to stop these relentless nuisance telemarketers from reaching his phone.

Fed up, Neil had gone to his local Telstra store to address the issue. The local store representative had recommended that Neil change his current landline to a Guardian 301 MK 11 Cordless phone, which would allow Neil to solve his problem.

Once installed, the MK 11 allowed Neil to input his address book of trusted phone numbers into the system, and if a caller matches one of those numbers, the phone rings and Neil can take the call. If a number is not in Neil’s address book, as in the case of a telemarketer’s, the call is sent directly to voicemail without ringing.

Neil has now gone three months without a single unwanted call and believes his new phone is the “best thing since sliced bread”.

Smartphone users can use similar methods to prevent unwanted calls. The iPhone allows you to set up this mode in four simple steps. There are similar settings available for some Android devices as well as apps such as Mr Number, Call Blocker and Calls Blacklist that do a similar job.

Do you get annoying calls from telemarketers? What have you done to stop them?



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    Star Trekker
    24th Sep 2018
    I have had the Mark I version for years. It is absolutely fantastic. It lists the calls not answered and you can block them.
    25th Sep 2018
    We get heaps of calls from legitimate callers and I don't want to have call every on back.
    The problem is the 'Do Not Call Register'. This appears to be a voluntary register as the calls may have subsided but keep coming. Comes down to the industry not wanting to fix. Just like Outlook mail where Microsoft is selling advertising and allows spammers to harass you. They only fix if you continue to email them and complain and then only for certain mail like pornography.
    The problem ultimately comes down to government which will not fix it. So why do we pay these people?
    22nd Oct 2018
    On this occasion I find myself in agreement with Mick, I don't think those in authority have the slightest interest in fixing the problem.

    I was getting a phone call almost every day from the sellers of solar panels, wherever possible I lodged a complaint yet nothing happened, the calls continued to arrive.

    I have given up on reporting, as soon as the con merchant asks in their thick accent "How are you today"? I reply : "I'm fine, my solar panels are putting loads of energy into my storage batteries, my solar panels are making lots of hot water, I have paid my taxes and my computer is working fine" then hang up.

    So far this seems to be working, the number of calls has fallen, but they'll be back!
    Old Geezer
    24th Sep 2018
    We receive lots of calls from medical people that come up as private and we want to take these calls not have them go straight to message bank as there is no way we can return those calls.
    24th Sep 2018
    Yes. When our local hospital calls regarding appointments or procedures it always seems to be a different number.
    Old Geezer
    24th Sep 2018
    Mine usually come through as private as they have their numbers blocked so that you can't ring them back.
    20th Jul 2019
    Yes Casey, we have lots of those annoying calls, where there isn't anyone there. I say hello twice and if there isn't an answer, I hang up. I look at the area code and if it is 02,03,04,08, I hang up. What is ridiculous is hospital clinic appointment desks showing :Anonymous caller.No ID. I generally do not answer those. How stupid is that. I complained once when I was contacted on my mobile , and found it was the appointments. They replied we don't give out our number. Well tough titty. You can wait until we turn up.
    20th Jul 2019
    Yes Casey, we have lots of those annoying calls, where there isn't anyone there. I say hello twice and if there isn't an answer, I hang up. I look at the area code and if it is 02,03,04,08, I hang up. What is ridiculous is hospital clinic appointment desks showing :Anonymous caller.No ID. I generally do not answer those. How stupid is that. I complained once when I was contacted on my mobile , and found it was the appointments. They replied we don't give out our number. Well tough titty. You can wait until we turn up.
    24th Sep 2018
    All you have to do is add the number of the Medical people to your index and calls will come straight thru . Also the number will show up and you call call back asap .
    24th Sep 2018
    Technically this is a great idea however private calls from medical practices come out as private an the receptionist only gives a first name so it is harder to filter these calls as sometimes they need to be taken My late deceased neighbour and friend had this phone,

    24th Sep 2018
    HUH? A simple answering machine would do the job much more cheaply!
    I don't answer an incoming call until I check the response to the answering machine message.
    If it's someone I know I just pick up the handset.
    Easy and much cheaper than some "smart" phone ....
    The answering machine is part of the landline phone I use, so no extra equipment is required.
    I don't even need to pick up the phone since any incoming call is automatically on speaker.
    24th Sep 2018
    This phone has 2 handsets and costs $74.00 - we have had one for 5 years and would not be without it. Also medical people and hospitals can leave a message so you don't lose anyone even if it comes up private.
    Old Geezer
    24th Sep 2018
    Many medical people will not leave a message now due to privacy issues. If they can't identity who they are talking to they can't leave a message.
    24th Sep 2018
    I conclude from your posting LUVCO2 that you don't actually know how these Call Guardian phones work so here is a link to the YouTube UK BT phone presentation for the identical phone as the Telstra model. In my opinion, this presentation is more informative than the Telstra video.

    These phones are perfect for blocking unwanted calls. Callers who are genuine e.g. medical people, only have to follow the instructions given to them by the phone and there should not be any problems.

    The only problem I've had in purchasing these in Australia has been from the imbeciles working for Telstra (both in-store and over the phone) who have no idea what I'm talking about considering that the phone is Telstra specific so one wonders why these people are let loose on the general public when they don't know what Telstra supplies.
    pedro the swift
    24th Sep 2018
    Block their calls? And miss out on the fun of feeding them a line of bull. Specially the calls from "telstra" saying they want to fix my PC. I can keep them on the line for a long time before they realise they are being conned. Same goes for thei insurance sales pitch. Ask them if they do "reverse insurance". Pay me now and collect from the estate.Gets rid of they quick. Solar marketers? tell em you live in a caravan or tent or are renting.
    Old Geezer
    24th Sep 2018
    Tell solar marketers that that you got cancer from solar panels so had them removed.

    Tell funeral insurance ones that you have no intention of dying so it's a bad investment for your family.

    Anyone with accent gets a what, what, what. When they have repeated the message numerous times tell them you have no idea what they are talking about and hang up.

    Tell them that they can talk to you if you can charge them $50 and ask for the credit card number. Had one who said if I didn't talk to him he was going to charge me $5000 so I told him to ring the police and lodge a complaint.
    24th Sep 2018
    Haha reminds me of when my grandson was 2 -I'd give him the phone & he'd say something like "hello nice man" & chat for ages to them until they'd finally give up & hang up!
    24th Sep 2018
    Agree play games with them . However one day over 12 months ago I received a call saying something wrong with my computer . So I played him along and then said a few choice words .He laugh said I know your address ,email, name , so within 1 hour my computer was hacked . Cost me plenty I come off second best and also a friend of mine likewise . Yes the answer machine is ok but you can use this likewise if you choose . However the index set up it comes with is so easy to select and dial up
    Old Geezer
    24th Sep 2018
    Do you use a VPN?
    24th Sep 2018
    OG - would a VPN work OK with a fairly slow NBN connection please?
    Old Geezer
    24th Sep 2018
    Google Chrome has one called Hola which also allows you to make your computer look like it is another country. Very handy for getting the deals locals get if you are going overseas. I have VPNs on my tablet and mobile phone as well. From memory it is an AVG free one.
    25th Sep 2018
    Gypsy - take care with VPNs, cheaper (and obviously free) ones will be slower, if you have a slow connection with the slow VPN you may notice an annoying speed drop.

    24th Sep 2018
    Here are some ideas:
    A. Tell them they've reached ASIO headquarters;
    B. Ask them to wait a moment and just put the phone down - waste their time;
    C. Have a really high-pitched whistle handy and give them a loud blast.
    24th Sep 2018
    I ask them what their phone number is and tell them I'll call them back.
    Sometimes I tell them I don't speak English. That gets a great reaction. lol
    Or, I tell them I'm housesitting so can't make a decision.
    Fake Microsoft callers are told I don't have a computer.
    I like to have a bit of fun. :)

    24th Sep 2018
    Receive lots of nuisance calls from labor HQ
    I dont mind taking them as it gives me a chance to discredit every sales pitch they try and throw
    Have converted many a labor supporter over with the truth.
    On the Ball
    24th Sep 2018
    1: Our old Panasonic phone can be "told" not to ring unless the number is one it has been previously told about.
    Private calls go to the message bank. If a friend needs to talk to us, they will leave a message.
    2: If you are receiving a lot of nuisance calls, PLEASE check if your number is still on the Do-Not-Call Register.
    How does it get removed?
    Glad you asked! Check when you sign up for advertorials (yes, even on this site!). Read the terms and conditions. Often you will see this sentence:
    "I agree to have my telephone number removed from the-Do-Not-Call Register".

    This does happen. I responded to an advertorial for a hearing aid review. One thing it asked for was my phone number (so they could call me to assist etc).
    So I read the terms and conditions....
    OR, sometimes when you sign up for window shutters or tile roof restoration, via one of those marketers that set up in shopping malls. I have seen the same terms and conditions there as well.

    Please read the terms and conditions.

    Hope this helps someone
    24th Sep 2018
    I have voicemail set up saying to leave a message (& I'll return the call) coz if you don't I'll assume you are a telemarketer & wont answer the phone,. It just takes a glance to see if i recognize the number or if they're in my contacts list & i let it ring out to voicemail -saves lots of unwanted convo's. If I've accidentally answered a call i tell them straight out "I'm not interested thanks" & hang up before they can even respond as they are usually so pushy! to the point of being over-annoying

    25th Sep 2018
    Doesn't sound like much of a solution except that the phone doesn't ring, I let mine ring and don't answer any so all calls now go to voicemail
    22nd Oct 2018
    Here's a fun game you can play on the scammers who claim to be from the Australian Tax Office and tell you that unless you settle up an outstanding debt the police will call and take you to gaol:

    I tell them that going to gaol doesn't bother me, in fact I have enjoyed my visits. Also, I had saved up enough money to go on a holiday, now I can save that by having my holiday in gaol instead. I ask when I can expect the police to arrive, so I can have my bags packed and be ready to leave.

    So far this has worked, I have only had one call from the Australian Tax Office" in a couple of years.

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