Unlimited calls phone plan under $10

A new start-up telco has launched the cheapest mobile phone plan in Australia.

Unlimited phone calls, under $10

New start-up telco Hive Mobile recently launched the cheapest mobile phone plan in Australia at just $9.80 a month.

The $9.80 plan includes unlimited calls and texts along with 1GB of data, no lock-in contract and unlike other low-cost operators, Hive Mobile doesn't charge any start-up costs.

Hive uses the Optus 4G network and are determined to remain the cheapest phone plan on the market, with Hive CEO Scott Edwards suggesting the plan may become cheaper in coming months depending on competitor movement in the marketplace.

Telstra’s cheapest plan is $49 per month as a comparison providing unlimited calls and text with 20GB of data while Optus’s cheapest plan is $45 for unlimited calls and text with 2GB of data.

For more information, visit https://hivemobile.com.au/.



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    Old Geezer
    10th Sep 2018
    Aldi only charge $15 a year.
    10th Sep 2018
    Yes OG, I'm with Aldi; I only use my Mobile as an emergency tool, therefore my unused portion of the $15.00 adds on to the next $15.00 which builds up and which I occasionally use to talk to my WA contact.
    10th Sep 2018
    What does $15 give you? Free calls and texts for a year?

    The only thing poor on the offer is the 1 GB of data as background processes can easily chew that up and then you run the risk of getting a huge bill for going over for may be 5 or 10 emails.
    22nd Sep 2018
    $15 per year for "Pay as you go", different type of product mate, when you compare something how about like for like conditions.
    10th Sep 2018
    JEENEE Mobile are just as cheap and provide phones to disabled people on the Optus network.
    Give them a go i have been with them for years and the service is just as good as others.
    10th Sep 2018
    For the record Optus do a fair bit of feel good advertising but from personal experience I would have to avoid at all costs as Optus did terrible things to us after their negligence disconnected us for almost 2 months. Good luck to anybody wanting to deal with the company. We got out as quickly as we could after that. Best thing ever.
    Bill R
    10th Sep 2018
    I am with Amaysim on $10 a month with unlimited talk and text and 1G data. Have been for months. They use the Optus 4g network and I have no problems at all.
    10th Sep 2018
    A Chinese company using Optus network. Ouch!
    10th Sep 2018
    Been with Amaysim for 4-5 years. Why change to save 20c per month?

    There are other providers with $10 plans also. Why promote hive when it's only just arrived ?

    10th Sep 2018
    "Optus’s cheapest plan is $45 for unlimited calls and text with 2GB of data"

    I'm with Optus and pay less than that for the same thing (with 3GB of data).

    10th Sep 2018
    Whatever you do, avoid Vodafone like the plague! Their coverage is woeful, and they're a rip-off.
    10th Sep 2018
    Vodafone has had a terrible reputation for many years but recently merged with TPG. Hopefully they'll be better run as TPG has been a success story to date.
    10th Sep 2018
    My wife & I were with Telstra Long Life for years. $30 per year. OK if you only used them in emergency. Calls 36c flag fall and 35c per min so the $30 did not last long. Many friends & family have now gone to mobile only, since NBN came through. This meant most outward calls were costing heaps on landline, so in January we went with AMAYSIM at $10 per month. NBN came through in February so we changed landline to TPG for an extra $10 per month above our internet cost. With no Telstra rental now we are saving $50 or more a month.
    11th Sep 2018
    Don't any of you 'bundle' your mobile with internet providers? I believe kogan had the best deal with his videophone sims. I can't use them where I am, no coverage. I'm bundled with iinet, $20 mobile txts $1000 calls, $1000iinet to iinet and very cheap overseas calls, plus 2gigs data.
    Southern phone are even better with 7gigs of data. Pays to check around folks. Go to a comparison site as well

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