Unlimited phone calls, under $10

New start-up telco Hive Mobile recently launched the cheapest mobile phone plan in Australia at just $9.80 a month.

The $9.80 plan includes unlimited calls and texts along with 1GB of data, no lock-in contract and unlike other low-cost operators, Hive Mobile doesn’t charge any start-up costs.

Hive uses the Optus 4G network and are determined to remain the cheapest phone plan on the market, with Hive CEO Scott Edwards suggesting the plan may become cheaper in coming months depending on competitor movement in the marketplace.

Telstra’s cheapest plan is $49 per month as a comparison providing unlimited calls and text with 20GB of data while Optus’s cheapest plan is $45 for unlimited calls and text with 2GB of data.

For more information, visit https://hivemobile.com.au/.

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Written by Drew

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