No detergent portable washer

No one wants to sacrifice the better part of a travel day to use a laundromat or hand-wash clothes with soap in the shower.

However, cleaning clothes is an issue that needs to be faced by every traveller – especially those who travel light.

WASHWOW 3.0 is a portable gadget that cleans and disinfects your clothes through ionisation. Simply fill a sink or tub with water, add your clothes and turn on your WASHWOW.

It breaks down water into oxygen and hydrogen molecules, eliminating organic stains and killing up 99.98 per cent of germs in the process. It eliminates odour, removes chemical residue and is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for travellers. It has also been proven safe for use on delicate materials such as lace, cotton and silk.

While the WASHWOW Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its goal by over $12,000, pledging $55 or more to the campaign will get you your very own unit sometime in July, says msn news.

Will you be getting the WASHWOW gadget to help with your washing while travelling?

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