Review: Motorola’s Moto G6

On the hunt for a smartphone that doesn’t skimp on quality, but also won’t break the bank? Motorola has just released their latest budget smartphone – the Moto G6. While it may not be one of the flashier smartphones, it’ll reliably and comfortably do the job.

Looks-wise, you’d be forgiven for thinking it cost more than it does, thanks to its sleek, all glass design. The smartphone’s 5.7-inch screen is larger than previous Moto models. Also featuring a front and rear-facing camera, front fingerprint sensor and 32GB internal memory, the Moto G6 is a great choice for those who want a no-nonsense, dependable smartphone. Importantly, its battery charges more quickly and lasts longer than many other brands’ smartphones at this price point.

There are, however, a few drawbacks with the Moto G6: it has no water resistance, the fingerprint sensor can be tetchy and the battery life isn’t as good as other Motorola models.

But, at $399 outright, one can’t really complain. Especially when the latest Apple iPhone is retailing for $1499 and Samsung Galaxy for $1400.

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Have you ever bought a Motorola Moto model? What did you think? Is there any other budget smartphone that you’d recommend?


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