Should you update your iPhone iOS?

It seems that each time Apple releases a new version of its operating system, it reminds you ad nauseum with repeated notifications until you’re forced to update. With each iOS release, a range of new features, such as customisations and better security, becomes available.

So, what can you expect from iOS 11 and should you upload it on to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

  • recording action on your screen: this comes in handy if you’re trying to show a friend how to access something or troubleshoot a problem.
  • customising the Control Centre: now you can do more without having to open the Settings app.
  • a more natural voice for Siri: she will also learn your user preferences in order to anticipate what you want.
  • Drag and Drop: drag content, such as images and links from one app to another, so you can locate the content you want faster.
  • changes to Apple Maps: including line guidance, speed limit information and indoor maps for malls and airports.
  • changes to the keyboard: look forward to a one-handed keyboard for ease of use on the iPhone, and a Flick option for typing numbers and symbols more quickly on the iPad.


An important note:
The new version of iOS will remove support for 32-bit devices and apps and only maintain support for 64-bit devices. This means if you use an iPhone 5 or 5c you will not receive software updates for the new iOS. This includes security fixes but effectively renders iPhone 5 and 5c obsolete. The iPad 4 will also stop receiving updates. 

For users of Apple’s newer smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone 7 and tablet computers, iOS11 will mean that any 32-bit-only apps will cease to work. This is because iOS 11 will only operate for 64-bit devices and programs.

You can check which apps and games will be affected by navigating to:

Settings > General > About > Applications > App Compatibility

So, while there are some exciting features that make the new iOS tempting, if you’re using an iPhone 5 or 5c, you’ll need to choose between sticking with an older iOS or switching to a newer device.

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Amelia Theodorakis
Amelia Theodorakis
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