Tech Q&A: iPhone or Android?

This question has plagued prospective smartphone owners for years. We took a look at the pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

Q. I am looking to buy a new smartphone and I am wondering which is better, the iPhone or Android?
Thanks, Sandy.

A. Hi Sandy, unfortunately, there’s no firm yes/no answer to your question but here’s some advice to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Are you familiar with one or the other?
While it’s always possible to get used to a new smartphone operating system, if you are already familiar with either iOS or Android, it might be best to stick with what you know.

What’s your budget?
iPhones are typically more expensive than Androids. If you’re on a tight budget, there is more pricing choice with Android, as you can find devices for as little as $99. New iPhones, on the other hand, start at over $1000.

Which has a better camera?
The answer to this question changes over time with each new model but, generally, Apple leads the way with smartphone camera technology.

Does Android have Siri?
Android does not have Siri, but it does have a similar voice-activated assistant named Google Assistant, which also tells jokes.

Alternative facts
Be on the lookout for false information people may give you. Here are some outdated or just untrue ‘facts’ people might supply you with.

1. ‘iPhones are more popular’
Towards the end of last year in Australia, iPhone sales were at an all time high, accounting for 46 per cent of smartphone sales. Meanwhile, Android smartphones fluctuated between 52–64 per cent of sales. This happened in a year that Samsung, Apple’s biggest smartphone rival, was shipping phones with explosive batteries.

Worldwide in 2016, Apple devices only accounted for 16 per cent of smartphone sales, with Samsung devices accounting for 23 per cent, and other Android devices making up most of the remaining 61 per cent.

2. ‘iPhones have more apps’

As of March 2017, Android’s Google Play store had 2.8 million apps, while Apple’s app store had 2.2 million apps.

3. ‘iPhones have better apps’

This one may still have some truth to it, as Apple’s app store has stricter conditions. However, these conditions sometimes prevent innovative apps from being made available.

And finally, here’s the big one:

Which do you prefer?
If you’ve considered everything but you’re still on the fence, head in to a Telstra, Optus, JB HiFi or a similar store and play around with the smartphones. Simply the feeling of one in your hand might be all it takes to tip the scales.

Are you an Apple or an Android person?

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