Is it necessary to switch off your phone at night?

Beryl wants to know if turning off her phone at night will help it run more smoothly.

a finger turning off power

Beryl wants to know if turning off her phone will help it run more smoothly.

Q. Beryl
I’ve been told it’s good to switch off your computer every now and then, but will turning off my phone help it run better once it’s back on again?

A. You’re right on the computer front, Beryl. Turning off your computer at regular intervals helps it to clear problems. Amelia has written a welcome article explaining the pros and cons of leaving your computer on. In short, though, it’s best to turn off your computer every now and then.

When it comes to smartphones, one tech expert, Kyle Weins, reckons that it’s not necessary to switch off your phone.

Mr Weins says that just quitting and restarting your apps is enough to clear any issues you may have with the workings of the phone.

If you’re worried about your phone eating up power while you’re not using it, then you could shut it down overnight. Even better, turn your phone onto Airplane Mode or Flight Mode.

To enable Airplane Mode on an Apple device, swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen and tap the airplane symbol on the top left. Or go to ‘Settings’ and turn ‘Airplane Mode’ off.

For Flight Mode, go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Flight Mode’, then switch it off. On some Android phones, you may need to go to ‘Network Connections’ to find ‘Flight Mode’.

Mr Weins agrees with the practice of running your phone’s battery down until it’s dead and then charging it all the way back up. You should do this at least once each year.

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    2nd Jan 2017
    Shutting down all the apps will save on battery power though. I also switch off my wifi unless I need it. I am so over of the constant requests to update. Multiply that by all the phones in the house and its starting to grab the internet allowance.
    Switching the phone off will give you a nice peaceful sleep. If you have the NBN - no phone calls, no telemarketers, no system beeps but in an emergency its going to take sometime to crank it up to make a 000 call.
    2nd Jan 2017
    I though that with mobile phones, the emergency number is 1223.
    1225 is directory assistance,as with landline phone.
    3rd Jan 2017
    Australia's primary emergency call service number is Triple Zero (000), which can be dialled from any fixed or mobile phone, pay phones and certain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. There are also two secondary emergency call service numbers—112 and 106.(Oct 15, 2012 from the net)
    2nd Jan 2017
    If your battery diesn't seem to charge as well as it used to try shuttung it diwn and taking it out a few times.
    2nd Jan 2017
    I have always shut down everything every night, all appliances at the switch too, it makes for a more restful sleep and better for computer and electricity bill. I switch phone off because I don't like to be woken up by it especially if it is someone trying to sell you insurance or an electricity deal.
    2nd Jan 2017
    My mobile phone number is not recorded anywhere and Yet they seem to get your number anyway so annoying
    3rd Jan 2017
    Yes, amazing isn't it. Even health check up reminders - I do wonder what government department passed on that info - and they have made sure we can't block them!
    2nd Jan 2017
    I always turn my computer off when I'm not using it. They get hot if left on all the time.
    Feel the the front of your monitor of a PC after it's been on all day or in some cases 2 days.
    retired and relaxed
    3rd Jan 2017
    Never thought about running my phone down to zero but seems a good idea. Now how to do it at a convenient time. Just had an idea. At about 6.00 pm run music at a loud rate until phone runs down. The louder it is the faster it will go down. If you don't want to hear the music, put it under a mattress or similar . Then after a few hours it should be flat and then recharge it overnight. Hope this works LOL.

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