Telstra’s epic email fail

A recent update to the Telstra BigPond email service is causing frustration amongst the customer base with commercial emails not being delivered.

This specific problem is not affecting personal emails sent directly to customers, but the new security protocols are blocking a significant number of emails, sent from businesses, from being delivered.

YourLifeChoices emailing service, Campaign Monitor, reported the issue to its members last week and according to the Telstra forums, frustrated business owners from all over Australia are reporting the issue is yet to be resolved.

Telstra have been very slow to react to this fault and it should not still be an issue after more than a week. Not only is the problem lingering, but the majority of BigPond users have no idea there is a problem.

If you are a BigPond user, this issue is affecting what you receive in your inbox. The only way you can force Telstra to move faster on this important matter is to contact them directly, through a call or an email, to report the issue.

Customers deserve better and they deserve a speedy resolution.

Have you been affected by this issue? Let us know what Telstra tell you in the comments below.

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Drew Patchell
Drew Patchell
Drew Patchell was the Digital Operations Manager of YourLifeChoices. He joined YourLifeChoices in 2005 after completing his Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University. Drew has a passion for all things technology which is only rivalled for his love of all things sport.
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