The best wifi at sea

Depending on who you ask, one of the downsides of cruising is the lack of connectivity with the rest of the world when you’re hundreds of miles out at sea.

But Princess Cruises aims to change that, with the announcement that half its fleet is being fitted out with MedallionNet this year.

Princess claims its new wifi is as good as home broadband – a far cry from the 1990s speeds we’re used to on cruise ships.

“MedallionNet puts to rest the notion that connectivity at sea will never be as fast or reliable as your broadband at home,” said Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks and Carnival Corporation Global Experience and Innovation partner.

Princess announced that Coral Princess and Island Princess will be fitted in time for the Alaska season (April–May), Crown Princess and Emerald Princess for sailings through Europe (June–August), and Sky Princess and Golden Princess will have fast internet in October and December, respectively.

“Guests sailing on itineraries out of Melbourne over the 2019/2020 season will be able enjoy access to the Internet at speeds that equal or exceed what they experience on land,” said Princess Cruises Sales and Marketing Director, Nick Ferguson.

MedallionNet currently costs around AU$14 a day for one device when purchased for the entire voyage. A 10 per cent discount applies when you purchase this package pre-cruise, three days ahead of sailing.


Would you pay this much to be connected on a cruise? Or do you appreciate the ‘digital dropout’?

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