Three handy weight-loss apps

Tracking your weight loss can be made easier with apps that help you to calculate your calorie intake. Here are three recommendations you can download for free.

Australian Calorie Counter – Easy Diet Diary
If you’re following a calorie-controlled diet, it can be tricky keeping track of what you’ve eaten, not just on one day, but across the whole week. Australian Calorie Counter not only gives you the calorie value of foods produced and sold in Australia, you also have the option to store photos of what you’ve eaten.

You can either search the database of foods, or simply scan the barcode on the product. You can also track your eating, easily see your daily intake, get guidance on exercises to burn calories and track your weight.

Available from iTunes – Free

ControlMyWeight by CalorieKing
Not only can you track your carbs and calories on this app, you can also monitor sugar, fibre, fat, sodium, cholesterol and more. ControlMyWeight guides you with how much food and exercise you need to reach your goal, track your progress and can be accessed when you’re offline.

You can also record your moods and any medicines you’re taking and you get free access to the companion website.

Available for iTunes – Free

Diet Assistant – Weight Loss
Rather than just counting your calories, Diet Assistant suggests meal plans based on your goal. All you have to do is input your target weight and the reason for your weight loss – e.g. low GI food, detoxing, etc – and you’ll be presented with a selection of meal plans from which you can choose, or you can add your own.

You can also create a shopping list for each meal plan and monitor the nutritional benefits of what you’re eating. There’s even a forum where you can chat and share weight-loss ideas with others who have a similar goal.

Available for iTunes – Free
Available on Google Play – Free

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