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Three smartphone keyboards

Do you struggle to type on your smartphone? Perhaps the keys are too small or you find autocorrect annoying? Offering a range of features including smart word predictions, swipe-typing functions and customised keys, these three alternative keyboard apps should make typing easier.

Device: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
This is one of the most popular alternative smartphone keyboards and for good reason. It has a practical and clean design, with a swipe-to-type function and accurate word predictions based on your typing history – great for days when you’re feeling too lazy to write. Swiftmoji also makes emoji suggestions based on what you type.

Device: iOS and Android
Cost: $0.99 (iOS) and $1.39 (Android)
As the name may suggest, the Swype keyboard allows you to type by swiping across keys in one continuous motion – ideal for texting with one hand. This is a fast and convenient function, further enhanced by shortcuts for tasks such as capitalisation, ‘select all’ and ‘copy and paste’. You can also customise your keyboard theme and language, with two languages able to be used at once.

3. Thick Buttons
Device: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
Do you have large fingers or prefer to type with your thumbs? This may be the keyboard for you. It expands and highlights keys that you’ll be likely to use next, and adjusts to your typing habits. You can also customise just how big the keys become, depending on your needs.

Which features would you like for a smartphone keyboard? Have you tried any of these third-party apps?

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