Using your smartphone to navigate

This quick video will show you how you can simply and safely use your smartphone as a GPS navigator, complete with automatic voice directions.

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Hi I’m Anne from YourLifeChoices and today we’re going to show you how you can use your smartphone as a GPS navigator in your car.

Now before we get started it’s important to have a look into the traffic laws for your state. Most states in Australia will allow you to use a smartphone to navigate provided that you have a cradle or mount for it and that you only interact with the device when your car is parked. If you’re driving with someone else they’re allowed to hold the phone and make full use of it and you don’t need a mount.

We’re going to be using Google Maps for this tutorial it’s available for free on Apple and Android devices so have a look below the video for a download link.

So after you have the app installed, open it up on your smartphone. This icon here will show you your exact location and if you have GPS turned off this box will pop up and you can turn it back on here.

Now tap the search bar at the top where it says ‘Google’ and look up the location for which you would like directions and type in destination you’d like directions to.

The map will move to the location you entered and here at the bottom it will show you how long it would take you to drive there. Now tap the car icon and you’ll be shown more detailed directions.

By tapping any one of these icons you can change your method of transport to walking, cycling or in some cases public transport.

We’re going to be looking for directions by car. If you wish to avoid highways or tollways you can tap the ‘Options’ button and check the boxes.

Tap done when you’ve finished adjusting your settings and the app will find new directions. You can choose between a few alternate routes, arranged by how long they are estimated to take.

Tap one if you’d like to see it in more detail. Once you’ve decided on a route tap this icon and your phone will start navigating you to your destination. Make sure your volume is turned on, so you can hear the directions.

Tapping this icon will allow you to change routes during navigation and the ellipsis icon will allow you to change more settings and adjust the volume of the voice directions.

Remember that you must be parked to use these. Now you can place your phone into your cradle or give it to your passenger and you can start driving.

If you take a wrong turn Google Maps will update your route to get you back onto the right path. Thanks for watching, above all, drive safely and we’ll see you again next time. 


Download Google Maps

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