Which portable heater is best?

As the famous Stark motto from Game of Thrones states, ‘Winter is Coming’ and that means putting the flannelette sheets on the bed and thinking about heating options.

If you need a quick and easy way to heat yourself in a small room, rather than looking to an expensive option that heats your whole house, you might consider a portable heater as an effective and efficient option.

Comparison site Canstar Blue conducted a survey of 1200 Australians on portable heaters they had purchased and used in the past three years to create a list of the best options available on the market.

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Respondents rated brands on their effectiveness, functionality, reliability, quietness, design, value for money and overall satisfaction.

In the survey, the top two brands were unable to be separated, with Dimplex and Rinnai sharing the spoils.

The list of the best portable heaters as rated by Canstar was:

=1. Dimplex

=1. Rinnai

3. Goldair

4. DeLonghi

5. Arlec

6. Dyson

7. Target


9. Kmart

10. Sunbeam

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The Dimplex and Rinnai brands received five stars for overall satisfaction, while most of the other brands in the top 10 received four-star ratings, except for Sunbeam which finished on three stars overall.

If you are looking for the best budget option in portable heaters, it is worth noting that Goldair, which finished third in the ratings, was the only brand to receive a five-star review for value for money.

If design and appearance are more important factors in your decision-making then you might like to look at the Arlec and Dyson products, which received top marks in those categories.

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Unlike refrigerators, dishwashers or other white goods, portable heaters do not come with energy efficiency star ratings, yet it is one of the most important considerations.

According to Canstar, you can expect that the most energy-efficient heaters will cost the most up-front. If you buy a heater for less than $50, you should expect it to be expensive to run.

If you are trying to compare the energy usage of different heaters, you will want to look at the wattage of the heaters that you are comparing. The greater the wattage, the more power the heater will use.

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